Welcome to “Future Human,” a new podcast series exploring the human potential of technology. Many of the innovations we take for granted have been hatched over decades, forged by an unlikely and ongoing collaboration between emerging artists and the keenest engineering minds in the world. As the science fiction of days past – self-driving cars, Star Trek-like communicators and interstellar tourism – becomes everyday reality, where will the next great ideas come from? Listen in as today’s most adventurous creators inspire their scientific peers to unleash a more connected world.



This episodic audio documentary blends the work and insights of key Bell Labs figures with a host of artists, musicians, researchers, honorees and pundits to weave a compelling narrative of the interdependence between the aesthetic and the scientific, and the quest to enable more fulfilling lives.

Episode 6

We’re excited to present the full Shannon Luminary Series lecture by renowned cancer researcher Stephen Friend: “The Future of Human Agency: Exploration of the Role of Art and Technology in Determining Risk, Awareness, and Free Will.” Check out Episode 5 to hear why Bell Labs’ President Marcus Weldon called this “the bravest talk I’ve ever seen.” Also, you can watch the video of the lecture here: http://bit.ly/FriendsWarning. Future Human is a presentation of Nokia Bell Labs, produced by audiation.fm.

Episode 5

Revered cancer researcher Stephen Friend has a message: not only do we need to take more agency in our own healthcare, beyond the “priestly experts” we entrust, but we need to reclaim “endangered experiences” where we have a dialogue with ourselves. Bell Labs’ Marcus Weldon calls this lecture “the bravest talk I’ve ever seen.” Listen to this episode to understand why; then, listen to the full lecture in Episode 6. Future Human is a presentation of Nokia Bell Labs, produced by audiation.fm.

Episode 4

Claude Shannon. “Father of the Information Age.” Inveterate tinkerer. Restless polymath. His work made digital computing possible. Yet he refused to rest on his laurels, always turning his attention to solving the next “problem that interested him most.” Two spiritual descendants, neuroscientists Henry Markram and David Eagleman, are relentlessly focused on uncovering the workings of the brain – perhaps even improving on it. Future Human is a presentation of Nokia Bell Labs, produced by audiation.fm.

Episode 3 

The latest chapter of the Bell Labs relaunch of Experiments In Art and Technology – E.A.T., a 50-years long collaboration between artists and engineers – features a first-of-its-kind album premiere: Beatie Wolfe performing live in one of the quietest rooms in the world, as the imagery and lyrics of her songs come to life around her with Augmented Reality. Forget about a “lyric video” – this is like waking up inside a song. Could this be the future of how music artists perform? We check in with various experts to get the scoop.

Also mentioned in the podcast are Firstage.com, the Augmented Reality concert company; DigitalDomain.com, a leader in digital effects, virtual humans and VR; the “Raw Space” visual design crew http://design-io.com/; and the engineering and design firm arup.com. The songs from this episode are featured on Beatie’s just-released new album, “Raw Space,” available at https://www.beatiewolfe.com/music/ - music-raw-space-section.

Future Human is a presentation of Nokia Bell Labs, produced by audiation.fm.

Episode 2

This episode of Future Human takes us from one of the world’s quietest rooms – Bell Labs’ anechoic chamber – into the voluminous history of sound innovation and the amazing potential of music-based therapy.

This episode features the song “Need Somebody” by musician Beatie Wolfe. Find out more about her groundbreaking music and dementia project here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4C3sPtaw9ew and check out more of her music at beatiewolfe.com.

To learn more about the inspiring work of Dr. Connie Tomaino, please check out the Institute For Music and Neurologic Function at http://musictherapy.imnf.org/.

To hear more about Bell Labs’ anechoic chamber, check out the episode of the Radiolab podcast entitled “Hallucinating Sound” (http://www.radiolab.org/story/91792-hallucinating-sound/).

For a heartwarming glimpse of how music reawakened an inert, elderly patient named Henry, take a look here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fyZQf0p73QM (have some tissues on hand).

Future Human is a presentation of Nokia Bell Labs, produced by audiation.fm.

Episode 1

In the series debut, we examine the origins of E.A.T. (Experiments in Art and Technology) – an unlikely pairing of artists and engineers in the 1960s which heralded some of the most impactful technological advances of the last century – and uncover the motivations for the recent reinvigoration of the program.