The Shannon Luminary Lecture Series at Nokia Bell Labs is named in honor of Claude Shannon – the father of information theory and arguably of all communications and networked systems. The series continues the tradition of the renowned Bell Labs General Research Colloquia of the past, but looks firmly towards the future. This lecture series is comprised of speakers who are luminaries in a wide diversity of fields and who will share their perspective on the most important technologies, science, engineering, mathematics – and even more aesthetic matters – that will transform human existence in the next decades.  

Each visionary speaker receives the Shannon Luminary Award and an honorarium of $5,000 to be donated to a cause of their choosing. Awardees have included Eric Schmidt, Irwin Jacobs, Bob Metcalfe, Amber Case, Henry Markram, Zhenan Bao, and Yann LeCun.

Lectures in the series are listed below:

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