Celebrating Claude Shannon's 100th Birthday

We are celebrating Shannon’s 100th birthday at Bell Labs on April 28-29, and as part of the celebration we are hosting the Shannon Centennial Student Award in the area of Information Theory and Its Application.

Remembering Shannon

Claude Shannon, the Father of Information Theory, worked at Bell Labs in New York at West Street and then at Murray Hill, New Jersey, where he wrote his groundbreaking papers on information theory and cryptography.  Shannon’s work launched a new field of science which defined information in terms of entropy in this emblematic formula.

Student Competition

We invite you to compete for the honor of presenting your graduate work at this unique event as we celebrate Shannon at our research headquarters in Murray Hill.  Six (6) students among you will be selected to join our other illustrious colleagues in highlighting the accomplishments of Shannon, the evolution of Information Theory, and the amazing impact on our lives.

The Details

This competition aims to promote Information Theory as a discipline and more importantly as a toolset for emerging areas in information and communication technologies. If you have completed research on novel and impactful aspects of information theory or its applications, consider submitting your work to this unique event.  Applications to bioinformatics, networking, social network analysis, economics, data mining, and other emerging topics are encouraged.  The entries will be judged based on (i) relevance to information theory in the broadest sense, (ii) clarity of presentation, (iii) novelty, accuracy and where applicable, the disruptiveness and feasibility of the ideas. If you are a student working on information theory, you do not want to miss the opportunity to be part of this exciting and highly prestigious competition held at the birthplace of information theory.

Selection Process

In the first phase of the competition, up to 6 finalists will be selected. All primary contacts will be notified by email by April 1, 2016  (delayed)  if they have been selected as a finalist or not. For the second phase, we will appoint a Bell Labs mentor to help each finalist prepare a 20-minute presentation of their work. Finalists will be invited, with all expenses paid, to attend our Shannon Centennial Event and present their work on April 28, 2016.  Winner(s) of the Shannon Centennial Student Competition will be selected by a panel of distinguished industry experts and information theory visionaries and announced during the celebration.

Key Dates

January 20, 2016 Submission website available
February 29, 2016 Deadline for submissions
April 1, 2016 Finalists announced
April 28, 2016 Final Presentations in Murray Hill, NJ, US

Additional Requirements

  • Students must be verifiably registered in a full-time PhD program at a university or college.
  • The focus of the submitted work must be in information theory and/or its applications in fields such as (but not limited to) communication theory, networking, bioinformatics, economics, social network analysis and data science. 
  • Submissions must describe completed work.
  • Submissions must be succinctly summarized on two pages using this template (or its Latex equivalent from IEEE Template for Transactions).
  • Candidates may optionally submit one technical article detailing their work; however, judges may base their assessment solely on the 2-page summary.


Please email questions to info@nokia-bell-labs.com

Submit Your Proposal

PDF Format only, 4MB max
PDF Format only, 4MB max