HTTP/2 based adaptive Streaming : From QoE Improvements to a Unification with Real-Time Streaming

  • Bostoen T.
  • De Turck F.
  • Huysegems R.
  • Petrangeli S.
  • Rondao Alface P.
  • Van Der Hooft Jeroen
  • Wauters T.

The paper investigates the possibilities offered by the new HTTP/2 protocol to improve the Quality of Experience (QoE) for HTTP adaptive streaming (HAS).

Active Learning via Label-Adapted Diffusion (or how to crack Big data with Small data)

  • Kushnir D.

Active-Transductive Learning with Label-Adapted Kernels This paper presents an efficient active-transductive approach for classification. A common approach of active learning algorithms is to focus on querying points near the class boundary in order to refine it. However, for certain data distributions, this approach has been shown to lead to uninformative ...

Pseudo-Random Frequency Instability of Four-Wave Mixing between Modes in Few-Mode Fibers

  • Esmaeelpour M.
  • Essiambre R.
  • Fontaine N.
  • Ryf R.
  • Toulouse J.

Large fluctuations of inter-modal four-wave mixing in a few-mode fiber are experimentally observed. These fluctuations are shown to occur for nonlinear interactions between the LP01 and LP11 modes of a few-mode fiber that persist in time and exhibit a strong frequency dependence.

A Transport-SDN application for incremental on-line network optimization

  • Dembeck L.
  • Ilchmann F.
  • Milbrandt J.

Today, off-line network planning tools are used to optimize transport networks from scratch. A set of pre-planned wavelength services is taken into account for routing optimization. Performing such optimization in an operational transport network may lead to the rerouting of a large amount of wavelengths per link followed by massive ...


  • Jeffers N.
  • O'Connor J.
  • Punch J.
  • Stafford J.

Microfluidic cooling technologies for future electronic and photonic microsystems require more efficient flow configurations to improve heat transfer without a hydrodynamic penalty. Although conventional microchannel heat sinks are effective at dissipating large heat fluxes, their large pressure drops are a limiting design factor. There is some evidence in the literature ...

Fair comparison of the contentionless property in OXC

  • Zami T.

By comparing 2 distinct wavelength-routing Optical Cross-Connects (OXC), this study highlights the relevance to really consider dynamic traffic when assessing the contentionless property. This paper defends our current 1830 contentionless layout versus another approach recently proposed by Huaweï at ECOC'2014. This study demonstrates why the claim of Huaweï is inappropriate.

Key synchronization for end-to-end ODU service encryption

  • Giouroukos P.

Operators consider the optical transport network secure since there is no direct access to the data-plane. However, Wikileaks and Snowden disclosures have proven this assumption wrong. Customers demand data encryption e.g. when interconnecting data centers. One possible solution is to take security measures at the gateway adding costs. Another solution ...

Pilot-aided Channel Estimation for Universal Filtered Multi-Carrier

  • Schaich F.
  • Wild T.

Universal Filtered Multi-Carrier (UFMC, a.k.a. UFOFDM) is a novel multi-carrier modulation technique, which aims at replacing OFDM for next generation wireless communication systems (5G). It is a generalization of OFDM and filter bank based multi-carrier (FBMC-FMT), which combines the advantages of OFDM and FBMC while avoids its main drawbacks. UFMC ...

Global Synchronization Protection for Bandwidth Sharing TCP Flows

  • Lautenschlaeger W.

Synchronization effects between bandwidth sharing TCP flows are creating large queue size variations, or, if insufficiently buffered, loss in throughput. We propose an extension to ordinary queue operation that safely suppresses the synchronization. The solution is minimalistic in a sense that it needs only few extra operations in the fast ...

5g: why, what and when

  • Urie A.

What is Driving move to 5G, Paths leading up to it, What it will look like, coming events related to 5G, What 5G adds to Networks


  • Leadley J.
  • Oliver Mosquera C.

The transformation of enterprise fulfilment operations is becoming a necessity for forward-looking CSPs. In this white paper, we share best practices and show how enterprise fulfilment poses a significant opportunity to radically reduce cost and improve the customer experience. In fact, experience shows that these transformation programs can deliver on ...


  • Leadley J.
  • Oliver Mosquera C.

This paper covers the most effective way to turn your network-focused assurance operations into a successful service assurance operation. To achieve this operational transformation, Communication Service Providers need to climb the operations maturity ladder. By moving from a technology or network focus to a service-oriented delivery model, they can gain ...

Load Balancing in Heterogeneous Networks using Grammatical Evolution

  • Claussen H.
  • David Lynch
  • Kucera S.
  • Michael Fenton
  • Michael O’Neill

Grammatical Evolution (GE) is applied to the problem of load balancing in heterogeneous cellular network deployments (HetNets). HetNets are multi-tiered cellular networks for which load balancing is a scalable heuristic to maximise network capacity, assuming similar traffic from all users. This paper describes a proof of concept study in which ...

Malicious-Client Security in Blind Seer: A Scalable Private DBMS

  • Bellovin S.
  • Fisch B.
  • Kolesnikov V.
  • Krell F.
  • Kumarasubramanian A.
  • Malkin T.
  • Vo B.

The Blind Seer system (Oakland 2014) is an efficient and scalable DBMS that affords both client query privacy and server data protection. It also provides the ability to enforce authorization policies on the system, restricting client's queries while maintaining the privacy of both query and policy. Blind Seer supports a ...

Virtex-7 Platform for Optical Coherent Receivers at 100G and Beyond

  • Chen Y.
  • Kaneda N.
  • Pfau T.

Bell Labs is Alcatel-Lucent's research organization. Researchers collaborate closely with the company's customers and product development teams to create the technologies that are transforming the way people connect with each other and with the information around them. Examples of these technoliges are Alcatel-Lucent's 100G and 200G long-haul wavelength division multiplex ...

Few-Mode Optical Amplifier for LP01, LP11, LP21 and LP02 Mode Groups

  • Bigot L.
  • Charlet G.
  • Genevaux P.
  • Le Cocq G.
  • Morizur J.
  • Quiquempois Y.
  • Simonneau C.

We report and fully characterize an optical amplifier capable of six-mode amplification, with erbium concentration profile adjusted for low gain excursion across the modes. We also measure Q²-factor after our amplifier for several input configurations.

Remotely and Automatically Identify Long-Shining Rogue ONU in PON System

  • Chang Q.
  • Gao Z.
  • Sun X.
  • Xiao S.
  • Ye C.
  • Zhang K.

This paper proposed a cost-effective solution for remotely and automatically identifying long-shining rogue ONU in PON system based on low-frequency RF pilot tone signal from the ONU transmitter.

Extending Cut-and-Choose Oblivious Transfer

  • Kolesnikov V.
  • Kumaresan R.

Motivated by the recent rapid progress in improving efficiency of secure computation, we study cut-and-choose oblivious transfer - a basic building block of state-of-the-art constant round two-party secure computation protocols. In particular, we study the question of realizing cut-and-choose oblivious transfer and its variants in an OT-hybrid model. Towards this, ...

Field Demonstration of 100-Gb/s Real-Time Coherent Optical OFDM Detection

  • Chandrasekhar S.
  • Chen Y.
  • Kaneda N.
  • Kwon Y.
  • Lee S.
  • Num E.
  • Pfau T.
  • Youn C.
  • Zhang H.

We report the field demonstration of 100-Gb/s real-time CO-OFDM detection using polarization division multiplexed QPSK modulation per subcarrier. The paper includes the lowest BER ever reported for a CO-OFDM back-back transmission experiment at 5x10-9 and the successful 495.2-km transmission over mixed types of field installed fiber. The field trial is ...