Hexathiophene single crystals: luminescence and magnetic resonance

  • Batlogg B.
  • Frolov S.
  • Jiang X.
  • Kloc C.
  • Vardeny Z.
  • Wohlgenannt M.

We employed the absorption and photoluminescence (PL) spectroscopies, PL excitation dependence and PL-detected magnetic resonance (PLDMR), to study the steady state photophysics of ultrapure cr-GT single crystals. Whereas the lowest lying absorption band has only very little oscillator strength, nevertheless we found strong PL emission. From this and the symbatic ...

Many-body spin-related phenomena in ultra low-disorder quantum wires

  • Clark R.
  • Dzurak A.
  • Facer G.
  • Hamilton A.
  • Kane B.
  • Lumpkin N.
  • O'Brien J.
  • Pfeiffer L.
  • Reilly D.
  • Stiles P.
  • West K.

Zero length quantum wires (or point contacts) exhibit unexplained conductance structure close to 0.7 x 2e(2)/h in the ab sen ce of an applied magnetic field. We have studied the density- and temperature-dependent conductance of ultra low-disorder GaAs/AlxGa1-xAs quantum wires with nominal lengths l=0, 0.5, and 2 mum, fabricated from ...

Influence of disorder on the electron transport properties in fluorinated copper-phthalocyanine thin films

  • Bao Z.
  • Schon J.

Electron transport in polycrystalline thin films of fluorinated copper phthalocyanine is investigated by space charge limited current, photoconductivity, and field-effect transistor measurements in the temperature range from 200 to 300 K. In this region the conductivity follows the Meyer-Neldel rule. The Meyer-Neldel energy E-MN is connected to the characteristic energy ...

Formation of flat monolayer-step-free (110) GaAs surfaces by growth interruption annealing during cleaved-edge epitaxial overgrowth

  • Akiyama H.
  • Pfeiffer L.
  • West K.
  • Yoshita M.

We have characterized, by means of atomic force microscopy, the as-grown and subsequently in situ annealed surfaces of 5 nm GaAs lavers grown by molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) on a vacuum-cleaved (110) GaAs surface, and find that a high temperature growth interruption and anneal remarkably improves the surface morphology of ...

Sub-picosecond electron scattering time for lambda similar or equal to 1.55 mu m intersubband transitions in GaN/AlGaN multiple quantum wells

  • Cho A.
  • Chu S.
  • Frolov S.
  • Gmachl C.
  • Ng H.

GaN/AlGaN multiple quantum wells with a subband spacing of similar to 740meV (lambda = 1.67 mum) have been studied. Using the time-resolved pump-and-probe technique, with 1.55 mum pump and 1.70 mum probe wavelength, the measurement of an intersubband electron scattering time of 370fs is reported.

Resonant tunneling into a biased fractional quantum Hall edge

  • Chang A.
  • Grayson M.
  • Pfeiffer L.
  • Tsui D.
  • West K.

We observe resonant tunneling into a voltage biased fractional quantum Hall effect (FQHE) edge, using atomically sharp tunnel barriers unique to cleaved-edge overgrown devices. The resonances demonstrate different tunnel couplings to the metallic lead and the FQHE edge. Weak coupling lo the FQHE edge produces clear non-Fermi liquid behavior with ...

The diagonalization of quantum field Hamiltonians

  • Lee D.
  • Salwen N.

We introduce a new diagonalization method called quasi-sparse eigenvector diagonalization which finds the most important basis vectors of the low energy eigenstates of a quantum Hamiltonian. It can operate using any basis, either orthogonal or non-orthogonal, and any sparse Hamiltonian, either Hermitian, non-Hermitian, finite-dimensional, or infinite-dimensional. The method is part ...

Detection and localization of degradation damaged regions in 1.3 mu m laser diodes on InP using low-coherence reflectometry

  • Gottesman Y.
  • Pommies M.
  • Rao E.

We report here on the high potential of low-coherence reflectometry, a basically nondestructive technique, to detect and to localize spatially the degradation damaged regions in similar to 1.3 mum laser diodes on InP. Using similar to 1.3 mum low-coherence probe, three Fabry-Perot lasers with identical active regions (compressively strained multi-quantum ...

160Gbit/s transmission over 116 km field-installed fibre using 160Gbit/s OTDM and 40Gbit/s ETDM

  • Berger J.
  • Briggmann D.
  • Buchold B.
  • Feiste U.
  • Kueppers F.
  • Ludwig R.
  • Munk A.
  • Rumpf F.
  • Schmauss B.
  • Schmidt C.
  • Schubert C.
  • Weber H.

The authors report the first 160Gbit/s RZ transmission experiment over field-installed standard fibre G.652 with optical 160 to 40Gbit/s dsmultiplexing (OTDM) and subsequent electrical signal processing (ETDM) and compare these results with 160 ru 10Gbit/s OTDM demultiplexing experiments.

Dynamics of the vocal imitation process: How a zebra finch learns its song

  • Lints T.
  • Mitra P.
  • Nottebohm F.
  • Tchernichovski O.

Song imitation in birds provides good material for studying the basic biology of vocal learning. Techniques were developed for inducing the rapid onset of song imitation in young zebra finches and for tracking trajectories of vocal change over a 7-week period until a match to a model song was achieved. ...

Characterization and saturation determination of reservoir metagraywacke from The Geysers corehole SB-15-D (USA), using nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometry and X-ray computed tomography

  • Durham J.
  • Withjack E.

Novel pressure-coring technology, along with nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectrometry and X-ray computed tomography (CT) of cores retrieved from scientific drillhole SB-15-D in the Sulphur Bank area of The Geysers steam field, have enabled the first measurements of indigenous water saturation in a high-temperature, vapor-dominated geothermal system. Two cores for ...

Untitled - Reply

  • Demets D.
  • Gong J.
  • Pinheiro J.

Design of nanoporous ultra low-dielectric constant organosilicates by self-assembly.

  • Dull T.
  • Frieze W.
  • Gidley D.
  • Lee H.
  • Lin E.
  • Mirau P.
  • Nalamasu O.
  • Pai C.
  • Reichmanis E.
  • Sun J.
  • Yang S.
  • Yee A.

NMR studies of encapsulated polymers.

  • Lu J.
  • Mirau P.
  • Tonelli A.

Rubber stamping for plastic electronics and fiber optics.

  • Baldwin K.
  • Bao Z.
  • Eggleton B.
  • Rogers J.

Overview of the role of materials technology for 193 nm lithography.

  • Cirelli R.
  • Houlihan F.
  • Nalamasu O.
  • Reichmanis E.
  • Timko A.