The Imperative of Customer-Centric Operations

  • Cheikhrouhou A.
  • Davenport J.
  • Kelkar A.

Customer satisfaction drives better performance in the market and increased company value. Unfortunately, as is evident from lagging NPS scores, traditional service providers including MSOs have not performed as well as other industries despite allocating a proportionally much larger share of human resources in customer care. In contrast, web scale ...

Active Antennas and Array Systems in 5G Mobile Communication Services

  • Pivit F.

This is an invited presentation on the developments and trends in the area of Active Antennas and Array Systems in 5G Mobile Communication Services. The presentation covers general trends in the mobile communication industry in terms of active and integrated antennas and massive MIMO systems. - A general overview of ...

ORCHESTRA: Cross-layer and dynamic network orchestration based on optical performance monitoring

  • A. Pagano
  • D. Roccato
  • Delezoide C.
  • E. Varvarigos
  • F. Cugini
  • G. Bernini
  • H. Avramopoulos
  • K. Christodoulopoulos
  • M. Quagliotti
  • N. Argyris
  • N. Sambo
  • P. Castoldi
  • P. G. Giardina
  • P. Soumplis
  • Pesic J.
  • Pointurier Y.
  • S. Dris

An optical network, like any system, has to be observable before being subject to optimization, and this is the main capability that ORCHESTRA network introduces. ORCHESTRA's high observability relies on information provided by the coherent transceivers that can be extended, almost for free, to operate as software defined optical performance ...

Opportunistic coexistance of LTE and WiFi for future 5G system: experimental performance evaluation and analysis

  • Gacanin H.
  • Shaoyi Xu
  • Yan Li
  • Yang Liu

To alleviate the problem of scarce spectrum resources and meet the ever-increasing of mobile broadband data traffic demands, Licensed Assisted Access-Long Term Evolution (LAA-LTE), operating in the unlicensed spectrum, is a promising solution. Considering that the unlicensed spectrum is shared by a few incumbent systems, such as WiFi, one main ...

Fast spatial correlation acquisition for hybrid precoding using sequential compressive sensing

  • Hao J.
  • Liu H.

This paper addresses the critical problem of high overhead in channel information acquisition for hybrid precoding in massive multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) system. With the employment of large-scale massive antennas in the next generation 5G wireless system, the high overhead in the estimation of channel state information (CSI) for the precoding ...

Proof of concept in Flex5Gware

  • Ferling D.

This document is a deliverable of the project Flex5Gware, which is funded by the European Commission. It contains the contributions from Nokia as Chapter 6 "Multiband transmitter" and Chapter 13 "Multi-chain MIMO transmitter".

Modulation of the Nonlinear Spectrum in Experiment

  • Aref V.
  • Buelow H.
  • Thai Le S.

Lab implementation of nonlinear frequency division multiplexing (NFDM) with continuous and discrete part indicates increased perturbation sensitivity for discrete spectrum modulation. Simulations allow to attribute this to noise enhancement in the NFDM demultiplexer.

MWC 2017 Virtual Reality Demo

  • Lievens S.
  • Macq J.
  • Olofsson B.
  • Stevens C.
  • Verzijp N.
  • Woithe H.

Demonstration of Virtual Reality research performed at Bell Labs. The demonstration was presented at Mobile World Congress 2017 (Barcelona).

Improving Resource Efficiency with Partial Resource Muting for Dense Wireless Networks

  • Cavalcante R.
  • Liao Q.
  • Stanczak S.

Achieving good tradeoff between the resource reuse and the interference avoidance is the key challenge for 5G dense wireless networks. In this paper we analyze the resource utilization region and determine the transition point of the load budget in which the networks move from an efficient noise-limited resource utilization region ...

mmMAGIC D5.2: Final multi-node and multi-antenna transmitter and receiver architectures and schemes

  • A. Goulianos
  • A. Karttunen
  • B. Bulut
  • Baracca P.
  • D. Kong
  • D.T. Phan Huy
  • E. Mellios
  • J. Järveläinen
  • J. Luo
  • K. Haneda
  • M. Beach
  • M. Castañeda
  • M. Iwanow
  • N. Vucic
  • P. Ratajczak
  • W. Yuan
  • Wesemann S.

This final deliverable from the WP5 of mmMAGIC project details the multi-antenna, multi-node and the transceiver hardware modelling related analyses and solutions developed over the 2 year project duration. The multi-antenna studies have identified hybrid beamforming as a key solution to meet the complexity and performance needs of mm-wave transceivers. ...

On Machine Learning for Cloud Resource Management

  • Cello M.
  • Lugones D.

The dynamicity and heterogeneity of cloud resources require significant expertise and manual labour to properly configure these resources for delivering acceptable quality of service levels to the end users. Cloud resource configuration and orchestration is, in facts, challenging because it requires dynamic coordination across different infrastructure layers. For this reason, ...

Single Carrier, Single Polarization 168 Gb/s PAM8 over 80 km below HD-FEC for Data Center Interconnects

  • Buchali F.
  • Buelow H.
  • Chagnon M.
  • Eriksson T.
  • Stephan Ten Brink

We demonstrate the first single carrier, single polarization PAM8 Intensity Modulation Direct Detection system delivering 168 Gb/s over 80km of SMF below the Hard-Decision FEC threshold of 3.8×10-3, with a receiver processing relying only on a 3-tap FFE

Multi-Chain Signal Generation for MIMO Transceivers

  • Ferling D.

This document represents one section for a chapter in the book "5G Networks - an European vision". It presents work done within the 5GPPP-H2020 project Flex5Gware funded by the European Commission. It deals with the generation of modulated RF signals for MIMO base stations as one-bit DSM and PWM modulated ...

Base Station Transceivers for Multiband Operation

  • Ferling D.

This document represents a section for a chapter in the book "European Vision book on 5G networks". It presents work done within the H2020 5GPPP project Flex5Gware funded by the European Commission. It deals with multiband solutions for mobile base stations up to 6 GHz carrier frequency with the focus ...

SDN-controlled traffic management in optical packet switching network for datacenter (preliminary paper version)

  • Dallaglio Mateo
  • Dupas A.
  • Dutisseuil E.
  • Estaran Tolosa J.
  • Mardoyan H.
  • Pham Van Q.
  • Pointurier Y.
  • Uscumlic B.

In this paper, we present an implementation of a Software-Defined Network (SDN) approach enabling dynamic management of traffic that guarantees Quality-of-Service (QoS) such as on-demand high bandwidth/capacity and latency control in all-optical intra-datacenter network. We evaluate the network management on an experimental test-bed.

Block-wise Lensless Compressive Camera

  • Huang G.
  • Jiang H.
  • Wilford P.
  • Yuan X.

The existing lensless compressive camera (L2C2) suffers from low capture rates, which also results in low resolution images desired in a short time. In this work, we propose a new regime to mitigate these drawbacks. We replace the global-based compressive sensing used in the existing L2C2 by the local block ...

On Pulse Duration, Bandwidth and Spectral Efficiency of Second and Third Order Soliton Pulses

  • Aref V.
  • Buelow H.
  • Span A.
  • Ten Brink S.

The limit of spectral efficiency is derived numerically for second and third order soliton pulses considering phase modulation of the spectral amplitudes. The optimum pulse to achieve the smallest time-bandwidth product is found by optimizing the eigenvalue locations and magnitudes of spectral amplitudes. This limit is approximated analytically by estimation ...

Efficiency of Cloud-Based Application Services - Parts I and II only

  • Bauer E.

Organizations deploy their applications on cloud computing to both deliver new services and value faster to their customers, and to improve their operational efficiency. This monograph develops a dynamic, time-driven, activity-based cost model of service production for cloud-based applications. To drive improvement in operational efficiency, this monograph develops a model ...

Compact Multi-band Digital Predistortion for RFDAC-based Single-chain Multi-band RF Transmitter

  • Guan L.
  • Wang Z.

Compact multi-band RF transmitter solution will play a unique role in the forthcoming 4G-beyond and 5G wireless networks. The emerging RF class data convertor, i.e., RFDAC enables a promising single-chain multi-band RF transmitter solution. In order to combat the imperfections of practical nonlinear power amplifiers in the single-chain multi-band RF ...

TYPHOON: An SDN Enhanced Real-Time Big Data Streaming Framework

  • Chang H.
  • Cho J.
  • Lakshman T.
  • Mukherjee S.
  • Van Der Merwe J.

Current big data streaming frameworks focus mainly on the scalability of real-time stream data processing, and are not flexible enough for dynamic reconfiguration of applications to deal with changes in the distribution and volume of data. To address these problems, we propose an SDN-based realtime big data framework, called Typhoon. ...