Water-saturated Si(100)-(2x1): Kinetic Monte Carlo simulations of thermal oxygen incorporation

  • Chabal Y.
  • Esteve A.
  • Queeney K.
  • Raghavachari K.
  • Rouhani M.
  • Weldon M.

An atomic scale model of thermal oxidation of Si(100) has been developed based on a kinetic Monte Carlo approach. This method makes it possible to analyze the effects of elementary mechanistic steps of oxidation on macroscopic surfaces. The initial thermal decomposition of chemisorbed hydroxyl groups resulting from water adsorption on ...

Microstructured optical fiber devices

  • Eggleton B.
  • Hale A.
  • Kerbage C.
  • Westbrook P.
  • Windeler R.

We present several applications of microstructured optical fibers and study their modal characteristics by using Bragg gratings inscribed into photosensitive core regions designed into the air-silica microstructure. The unique characteristics revealed in these studies enable a number of functionalities including tunability and enhanced nonlinearity that provide a platform for fiber ...

Atomic scale measurements of the interfacial electronic structure and chemistry of zirconium silicate gate dielectrics

  • Muller D.
  • Wilk G.

We have examined the interfaces in Zr-silicate gate dielectrics grown on Si substrates using electron energy loss spectroscopy. The Zr-silicate interface is found to be stable with the Si substrate and the polycrystalline silicon (poly-Si) electrode under annealing to 1050 degreesC. At this interface, a 0.35 nm wide Zr-free interface ...

High-quality MgB2 films on boron crystals with onset T-c of 41.7 K

  • Chen C.
  • Cheong S.
  • Cieplak M.
  • Guha S.
  • Horibe Y.
  • Hur N.
  • Sharma P.
  • Werder D.

The simple binary compound, MgB2, has created enormous excitement, due to its remarkably high T-c (39 K), its exotic electronic and phononic structure, as well as its potential technological application. However, contrary to the initial expectation, worldwide efforts to enhance the T-c of this material by means of chemical doping ...

On the stability of organic field-effect transistor materials

  • Schon J.

Stability and degradation of transistor performance of devices based on pentacene and alpha -sexithiophene are investigated. In order to distinguish between effects at grain boundaries and material issues, macroscopic bicrystals were used, where transistors were prepared on a single grain as well as across a single grain boundary. The main ...

The formation of ordered, ultrathin SiO2/Si(100) interfaces grown on (1 x 1) Si(100)

  • Atluri V.
  • Culbertson R.
  • Grams M.
  • Herbots N.
  • Hurst Q.
  • Shaw J.
  • Smith D.
  • Zimmerman P.

Ordering is observed at SiO2/Si(100) interfaces when 2-40 nm thick SiO2 films are grown on passivated, ordered (1 x 1) Si(100) surfaces produced by a novel wet chemical cleaning, A mechanism is proposed for the occurrence of this ordering. The thin oxides are grown by a variety of conventional oxidation ...

Creep deformation and stress-induced structural disorder near T-g in a Zr55Al10Ni5Cu30 glassy alloy

  • Chen H.
  • Inoue A.
  • Kato H.

Creep deformation under a constant applied load in a Zr55Al10Ni5Cu30 glassy alloy at the glass transition region is investigated. At an initial stress, sigma (0), less than a critical stress, sigma (c)=80 MPa, the glass shows a Newtonian flow. When sigma (0)greater than or equal to sigma (c), the flow ...

End-to-end queuing delay assessment in multi-service IP networks

  • Buchli M.
  • De Vleeschauwer D.
  • Kooij R.
  • Van Moffaert A.

Packet-based networks are more and more used to transport interactive streaming services like telephony and videophony. To guarantee a good quality for these services, the queuing delay and delay jitter introduced in the transport of voice or video flows over the packet-based network should be kept under control. Because data ...

Nonlinear spectral properties of stimulated brillouin scattering in plasma

  • Kozlov M.
  • Kuzora I.
  • Mckinstrie C.
  • Ovchinnikov K.
  • Silin V.
  • Uryupin S.
  • Vagin K.

New phenomena in which the stimulated Brillouin scattering (SBS) changes the number and magnitude of frequency shifts in a plasma upon a nonlinear increase in the pumping field intensity are discovered. It is found that the SBS becomes forbidden and then allowed again (upon a subsequent increase in the pumping ...

SIP: A routing protocol

  • Chiang T.
  • Gurbani V.
  • Kumar S.

Routing in the Internet has traditionally implied shunting packets based on layer 2 (network layer of the IP reference model) addresses. While that may have been adequate in the past, the new protocols of the Internet are moving routing to the highest layer-the application layer These protocols include established ones ...

Accounting solutions in the UMTS core network

  • Fischer C.
  • Han K.
  • Wang Z.

The Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS) is the third-generation (3G) wireless technology that will offer the expanded bandwidth to allow for enhanced services in data and multimedia. UMTS will support both circuit-switched and packet-switched access to Internet services. However, the introduction of the 3G wireless technology will incur significant expense ...

The need for third-party call control

  • Chiang T.
  • Gurbani V.
  • Reid J.

This letter examines third-party call control (3PCC) and its application to new services. The evolution of networks and services that has driven the need for 3PCC capabilities is examined along with some of the new service concepts that may make use of 3PCC. Also discussed is ongoing work within Lucent ...

Scalable robust control plan for broadband networks

  • Balakrishnan R.
  • Benlarbi S.
  • Busari M.
  • Coffell J.

Foundations of a scalable QOS architecture for IPVPN services

  • Aissaoui M.
  • Hoebeke R.
  • Jansen A.
  • Van Den Bosch S.
  • Van Hoey G.