Olfactory Search At High Reynolds Number

  • Balkovsky E.
  • Shraiman B.

Locating sources of odors is a common task faced by living organisms in order to find food, mate or a particular location. However because of the random nature of mixing in turbulent flow, source location presents a non-trivial problem. Based on a simplified model of turbulent odor plumes we propose ...

Asymptotic Shape of the Erlang Capacity Region of a Multi-Service Shared Resource

  • Mitra D.
  • Morrison J.

We consider a loss model of an unbuffered resource having C channels, which are shared by several different types of service connections. Connections of each type arrive in a Poisson stream and request a number of channels, which depends on the type. An arriving connection is blocked and lost if ...

Nonbinary Quantum Stabilizer Codes

  • Ashikhmin A.
  • Knill E.

We define and show how to construct nonbinary quantum stabilizer codes. Our approach is based on nonbinary error bases. It generalizes the relationship between selforthogonal codes over GF(4) and binary quantum codes to one between selforthogonal codes over GF(q^2) and q-ary quantum codes for any prime power q.

Resource Allocation Strategies for Linear Symmetric Wireless Networks with Relays

  • Mukherjee S.
  • Viswanathan H.

Fourth Generation wireless networks could potentially incorporate novel wireless network architectures such as hierarchical, ad-hoc, pico-cell, etc. We consider a cellular architecture with relays that can store and forward information from the base station to the terminals on the downlink and from the terminals to the base station on the ...

Feedback Strategies for White Gaussian Interference Networks

  • Kramer G.

A white Gaussian interference network is a channel with T transmitters and R receivers where the received symbols are linear combinations of the transmitted symbols and white Gaussian noise. This paper considers the case where K messages are transmitted through the network in a point-to-point manner, i.e., each message is ...

The Role of Low Frequency Modes in Organizing the Inner Heliosphere

  • Heber B.
  • Heinen O.
  • Kunow H.
  • Lanzerotti L.
  • Thomson D.

Cosmic ray proton data (125 to >2000 MeV) measured in the inner three-dimensional heliosphere over the years from 1993 into 2000 by the Ket instrument on the Ulysses spacecraft are examined. The data are parameterized and characterized by fitting products of spherical harmonic and sinusoidal frequency functions to three individual ...

Properties of High k Gate Dielectrics Gd sub 2 O sub 3 and Y sub 2 O sub 3 for Si

  • Boone T.
  • Chabal Y.
  • Chu S.
  • Hong M.
  • Kortan A.
  • Krajewski J.
  • Krautter H.
  • Kwo J.
  • Lay T.
  • Mannaerts J.
  • Muller D.
  • Opila R.
  • Queeney K.
  • Rosamillia J.
  • Sapjeta B.
  • Sergent A.

We present the materials growth and properties of both epitaxial and amorph ous films of Gd sub 2 O sub 3 (epsilon =14) and Y sub 2 O sub 3 (epsilon = 18) as the alternative gate dielectrics for Si. The oxide films were prepared by ultrahigh vacum vapor deposition ...

Scheduling Protocols for Switches with Large Envelopes

  • Andrews D.
  • Zhang Y.

Traditionally, switches make scheduling decisions on the granularity of a packet. However, this is becoming increasingly difficult since network bandwidth is growing rapidly whereas packet sizes remain largely unchanged. Therefore the service time of an individual packet is decreasing rapidly. In this paper we study switches that make scheduling decisions ...

Noise in Wireless Systems Produced by Solar Radio Bursts

  • Balachandran B.
  • Gary D.
  • Lanzerotti L.
  • Thomson D.

We have carried out an investigation of 40 years of solar radio burst data in a wide range of frequencies that have been reported by observing stations around the world during 1960-1999. The data were compiled by the NGDC of NOAA. This period covers three full and two partial solar ...

Robust Propagation Direction of Stresses in a Minimal Granular Packing

  • Head D.
  • Tkachenko A.
  • Witten T.

By employing the adaptive network simulation method, we demonstrate that the ensemble-averaged stress caused by a local force for packings of frictionless rigid beads is concentrated along rays whose slope is consistent with unity: forces propagate along lines at 45 degrees to the horizontal or vertical. This slope is shown ...

Uplink Capacity Studies for Adaptive Antenna Arrays in Third Generation CDMA Wireless Systems

  • Kogiantis A.

The effects of using adaptive antenna arrays in third generation CDMA wireless systems are analyzed through simulation studies. In contrast to earlier applications of arrays in cellular systems, this work examines the capacity performance in multi-rate traffic scenarios of the reverse link. Under various vector channel models and user population ...

Reflection-Induced Penalty in Raman Amplifiers

  • Bromage J.
  • Jopson R.
  • Kim C.

We describe the measurement of reflection-induced penalty in Raman amplifier systems. A 1-dB penalty in our optically preamplified receiver was observed when the reflection-induced in-band crosstalk power is 25.2 dB below the signal power

Optimizing the Environment for Sub-0.2NM Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy

  • Grazul J.
  • Muller D.

Sub-0.2 nm probes can now be readily obtained on Schottky field- emission microscopes. However environmental instabilities are proving to be the limiting factors for atomic resolution spectroscopy and distortion-free annular-dark field imaging. This is a result of the long acquisition times, and from the serial nature of the scanning system ...

Paper-like Electronic Displays: Large Area, Rubber Stamped Plastic Sheets of Electronics and Microencapsulated Electrophoretic Inks

  • Amundson K.
  • Baldwin K.
  • Bao Z.
  • Crone B.
  • Dodabalapur A.
  • Drzaic P.
  • Ewing J.
  • Katz H.
  • Kuck V.
  • Raju V.
  • Rogers J.

Electronic systems that use rugged, lightweight plastics potentially offer attractive characteristics (low cost processing, mechanical flexibility, large area coverage, etc.) that are not easily achieved with established silicon technologies. This paper summarizes work that demonstrates, for the first time, many of these characteristics in a realistic system: organic active matrix ...

420 Gbit/s (42 x 10 Gbit/s) WDM transmission over 4000 km of UltraWave fiber with100 km dispersion-managed spans and distributed Raman amplification

  • Knudsen S.
  • Nelson L.
  • Peckham D.
  • Pedersen M.
  • Stulz S.
  • Zhu B.

42 x 10 Gbit/s wavelength division multiplexed transmission over 4000 km of UltraWave fiber with 100 km dispersion-managed spans and 50 GHz channel spacing is demonstrated. A new dispersion map and all-Raman distributed amplification are employed to obtain error-free transmission of all 42 channels without the use of forward error ...

Near Field Imaging With Negative Dielectric Constant Lenses

  • Platzman P.
  • Shen J.

A recent analysis of Pentry shows that a dielectric slab with a dielectric constant $epsilon = -1$ and permeability $mu = +1$ behaves like a perfect lens in the electrostatic limit $(c -> infinity$). Here we include retardation effects and show how distance and dissipation make the lens no longer ...

Terahertz pulse propagation through small apertures

  • Federici J.
  • Hsu J.
  • Lee M.
  • Mitrofanov O.
  • Pfeiffer L.
  • West K.
  • Wynn J.

Propagation of single-cycle terahertz pulses through subwavelength apertures is experimentally studied in the near-field zone. Measurements of throughput for aperture sizes d as small as lambda/300 law show that the conventional d sup 3 –law requires a correction term which takes into account the physical thickness of the aperture screen. ...

Dielectric Constant and Loss Tangent in LiNbO Crystals from 90 to 147 GHz

  • Lee M.

The complex dielectric constant epsilon(omega) of single-crystal LiNbO sub (3) has been measured from 90 to 147 GHz using a reflectometer bridge. Electric field polarizations along both the ordinary and extraordinary axes were studied. The real part of epsilon(omega) drops slightly and the loss tangent increases ~ 12% across this ...

Fast simulation of a queue fed by a superposition of many (heavy-tailed) sources

  • Boots N.
  • Mandjes M.

We consider a queue fed by a large number, say n, of on-off sources with generally distributed on-and off-times. The queueing resources are scaled by n: the buffer is B = nb and link rate is C = nc. The model is versatile: it allows us to model both long ...

Silo, Rainbow, and Caching Token: Schemes for Scalable, Fault Tolerant Stream Caching

  • Buddhikot M.
  • Chae Y.
  • Guo K.
  • Suri S.
  • Zegura .

In the current Internet, web content is increasingly being cached closer to the end-user to reduce network and web server load and improve performance. Existing web caching systems cite{CommercialCaches} typically cache entire web documents and attempt to keep them consistent with the origin server. This approach works well for text ...