Search for electron decay mode e ->gamma+nu with prototype of Borexino detector

  • Back H.
  • Balata M.
  • Beau T.
  • Bellini G.
  • Benziger J.
  • Bonetti S.
  • Buck C.
  • Caccianiga B.
  • Cadonati L.
  • Calaprice F.
  • Cecchet G.
  • Chen M.
  • D'Angelo D.
  • Dadoun O.
  • De Bari A.
  • De Bellefon A.
  • Derbin A.
  • Deutsch M.
  • Di Credico A.
  • Elisei F.
  • Etenko A.
  • Fernholz R.
  • Ford R.
  • Von Feilitzsch F.

The prototype of the Borexino detector Counting Test Facility, located in the Gran-Sasso laboratory, has been used to obtain a bound on the stability of the electron. The new lower limit on the mean lifetime defined on 32.1 days of data set is tau(e(-) --> nu(e) + y) greater than ...

Fast adaptation of fractionally spaced equalisers

  • Hanzo L.
  • Mohamad H.
  • Rupp M.
  • Weiss S.

Efficient subband structures that aim at fast adaptation of fractionally spaced equaliser, 0;SF), by exploiting the `prewhitening' effect that a subband decomposition h;is on the spectral dynamics of the equaliser input are discussed. Two novel FSL strictures are proposed. which differ in the extent to which the feed-forward and feed-back ...

Ultra-sensitive autocorrelation of 1.5 mu m light with single photon counting silicon avalanche photodiode

  • Bergman K.
  • Knox W.
  • Roth J.
  • Xu C.

1.5 mum two-photon absorption in a single photon counting silicon avalanche photodiode at record continuous-wave levels below 100 muW is reported. Autocorrelation of a 10 GHz. 1.67 picosecond pulsetrain using this device demonstrates 1.5 x 10 (3) (mW)(2) peak-power times average-power sensitivity without the use of lock-in dectection.

Transparent wavelength conversion in fibre with 24 nm pump tuning range

  • Andrekson P.
  • Hansryd J.
  • Knudsen S.
  • Westlund M.

A transparent continuous wave-pumped highly nonlinear fibre wavelength converter (WC) with a conversion bandwidth of 61 nm and a pump wavelength tuning range of 24 nm, the largest ever reported for fibre-based WCs, is demonstrated. The conversion quality is confirmed by bit error rate measurements showing < 1.4 dB power ...

Parallel feed travelling wave distributed pin photodetectors with integrated MMI couplers

  • Cho A.
  • Murthy S.
  • Sivco D.
  • Wu M.

The fabrication and performance of a parallel feed travelling wave photodetector with pin diodes operating at 1550 nm is presented. A parallel optical teed tiling an integrated multimode interference (MMI) power splitter helps increase the maximum linear photocurrent through a more uniform distribution of photocurrent. The maximum DC linear current ...

Transportable automated ammonia sensor based on a pulsed thermoelectrically cooled quantum-cascade distributed feedback laser

  • Capasso F.
  • Cho A.
  • Curl R.
  • Gmachl C.
  • Kohler R.
  • Kosterev A.
  • Sivco D.
  • Tittel F.

A compact ammonia sensor based on a 10-mum single-frequency, thermoelectrically cooled, pulsed quantum-cascade laser with an embedded distributed feedback structure has been developed. To measure NH3 concentrations, we scanned the laser over two absorption lines of its fundamental nu(2) band. A sensitivity of better than 0.3 parts per million was ...

Bonding nature of rare-earth-containing lead-free solders

  • Jin S.
  • Mavoori H.
  • Ramirez A.

The ability of rare-earth-containing lead-free solders to wet and bond to silica was investigated. Small additions of Lu (0.5-2 wt. %) added to eutectic Sn-Ag or Au-Sn solder render it directly solderable to a silicon oxide surface. The bonding is attributed to the migration of the rare-earth element to the ...

Efficient power control via pricing in wireless data networks

  • Goodman D.
  • Mandayam N.
  • Sarydar C.

A major challenge in the operation of wireless communications systems is the efficient use of radio resources. One important component of radio resource management is power control, which has been studied extensively in the context of voice communications. With the increasing demand for wireless data services, it is necessary to ...

From Stentor to Skybridge, different problems, one product line for active antennas

  • Argagnon C.
  • Croq F.
  • Fauroux P.
  • Voisin P.

ALCATEL, has a long record of expertise in the field of active antennas, Stentor, French geostationary telecommunication technological programme, initiated in late 1995, offered the first opportunity to develop and qualify a flight model and experiment it in the sky. Now, Alcatel promotes Skybridge multimedia LEO constellation. This new commercial ...

A new criteria decision applied on the primary synchronization in the DS-WCDMA interface of the UMTS system

  • Belfiore J.
  • Guisantes G.
  • Murad N.

In DS-WCDMA mobile systems such the UMTS, asynchronous cell site operation, assigning different long spreading code to each cell, yields the advantage of flexible system deployment. We can design an indoor system based on an outdoor one. However, in general, much longer search time is required in asynchronous operation than ...

Effects of air exposure and Cs deposition on the electronic structure of multiwalled carbon nanotubes

  • Bower C.
  • Heun S.
  • Kiyokura T.
  • Nath K.
  • Ogino T.
  • Suzuki S.
  • Watanabe Y.
  • Zhou O.
  • Zhu W.

Electronic structural changes in multiwalled carbon nanotubes caused by adsorbates and Cs deposition were studied by photoemission spectroscopy. The adsorbates formed by air exposure slightly increased the work function. The increased work function is considered to be due to the surface dipole moment induced by the negatively charged adsorbates. On ...