Impact behavior and modeling of engineering polymers

  • Duan Y.
  • Greif R.
  • Saigal A.

Because of their many unique and desirable properties, engineering polymers have increasingly been applied in applications where impact behavior is of primary concern. In this paper, the impact behavior of a glassy polymer acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (ABS) and a semicrystalline polymer alloy of polycarbonate and polybutylene-terephthalates (PBT) are obtained as a function ...

Experimental studies of the higher Landau levels in the 2D electron system

  • Pfeiffer L.
  • West K.
  • Willett R.

The high Landau levels have demonstrated numerous interesting phenomena with theoretical models in need of specific experimental support. While the composite fermion picture provides a model for the series of correlated electron liquids states manifesting as the fractional quantum Hall effect in the lowest Landau level, this model finds its ...

Measurement of the shot-to-shot carrier-envelope phase slip of femtosecond laser pulses

  • Hong K.
  • Lee Y.
  • Nam C.
  • Yu T.

We measure the shot-to-shot slip of the carrier-envelope phase (CEP) of mode-locked femtosecond laser pulses by using a 2f-to-f self-referencing interferometer. The 2f-to-f interferometer, composed of a one-octave spectrum generator and a nonlinear interferometer, yields the beat signal between the 2f-component and the second harmonic of the f-component generated in ...

Tree-shared multicast in optical burst-switched WDM networks

  • Cankaya H.
  • Jeong M.
  • Qiao C.
  • Vandenhoute M.
  • Xiong Y.

In this paper, we propose a new multicast scheme called tree-shared multicasting (TS-MCAST) in optical burst-switched wavelength-division-multiplexing networks, taking into consideration overheads due to control packets and guard bands (GBs) associated with data bursts. In TS-MCAST, multicast traffic belonging to multiple multicast sessions from the same source-edge node to possibly ...

Managing the environmental performance of production facilities in the electronics industry: more than application of the concept of cleaner production

  • Nagel M.

This paper approaches the production facilities in the supply chain primarily from an Original Equipment Manufacturer's perspective as the requesting party in the scope of environmental quality and secondarily from a production facility's perspective. From the perspective of the customer as well as the supplier, aspects such as price, delivery, ...

New experimental limits on heavy neutrino mixing in B-8-decay obtained with the Borexino Counting Test Facility

  • Back H.
  • Beau T.
  • Belata M.
  • Bellini G.
  • Benziger J.
  • Bonetti S.
  • Buck C.
  • Caccianiga B.
  • Cadonati L.
  • Calaprice F.
  • Cecchet G.
  • Chen M.
  • D'Angelo D.
  • Dadoun O.
  • De Bari A.
  • De Bellefon A.
  • Derbin A.
  • Deutsch M.
  • Di Credico A.
  • Elisei F.
  • Etenko A.
  • Fernholz R.
  • Ford R.
  • Von Feilitzsch F.

If heavy neutrinos with mass m(nu H)greater than or equal to2m(e) are emitted in the decays of B-8 in the Sun, then nu(H)-->nu(L)+e(+)+e(-) decays should be observed. In the present work, the results of background measurements with the Borexino Counting Test Facility have been used to obtain bounds on the ...

Intelligent next generation WDM optical networks

  • Tancevski L.

We address issues and parameters related to providing increased interoperability between the IP and the optical layer such that next generation intelligent optical platforms for wavelength switched cross-connected topologies are enabled. (C) 2002 Elsevier Science Inc. All rights reserved.

PN code acquisition for DS-CDMA systems employing smart antennas - Part II

  • Kwon H.
  • Wang B.

Recently, a smart antenna, i.e., a blind adaptive antenna array, has attracted much attention to improve the capacity of a future code-division multiple-access wireless communications system. It has been demonstrated (Tanaka et al., 2000) that there is significant improvement in data demodulation through lab simulations and field experiments by employing ...

Effect of microdiversity and correlated macrodiversity on outages in a cellular system

  • Avidor D.
  • Mukherjee S.

We focus on maximum ratio combining at each base station and switching between base stations (BSs) as a simple macrodiversity technique. We obtain analytical results for pointwise outage probabilities for systems using one or a combination of both techniques to cover a desired area, assuming a certain correlation model for ...

PN code acquisition using smart antenna for spread-spectrum wireless communications - Part I

  • Kwon H.
  • Wang B.

Recently, the smart antenna (a blind adaptive antenna array) has brought much attention to its ability to improve the future code-division multiple-access (CDMA),wireless communications systems. However, Adachi et aL {[}1], {[}2] employed only one out of M elements that are in a smart antenna array during the pseudonoise (PN) code ...

A class of frequency-domain adaptive approaches to blind multichannel identification

  • Benesty J.
  • Huang Y.

In this paper, we extend our previous studies on adaptive blind channel identification from the time domain into the frequency domain. A class of frequency-domain adaptive approaches, including the multichannel frequency-domain LMS (MCFLMS) and constrained/unconstrained normalized multichannel frequency-domain LMS (NMCFLMS) algorithms, are proposed. By utilizing the fast Fourier transform (FFT) ...

AQuA: An adaptive architecture that provides dependable distributed objects

  • Bakken D.
  • Courtney T.
  • Cukier M.
  • Karr D.
  • Ren Y.
  • Rubel P.
  • Sabnis C.
  • Sanders W.
  • Schantz R.
  • Seri M.

Building dependable distributed systems from commercial off-the-shelf components is of growing practical importance. For both cost and production reasons, there is interest in approaches and architectures that facilitate building such systems. The AQuA architecture is one such approach; its goal is to provide adaptive fault tolerance to CORBA applications by ...

Chip-level charged-device modeling and simulation in CMOS integrated circuits

  • Bendix P.
  • Huh Y.
  • Kang S.
  • Kim K.
  • Lee J.

Electrostatic discharge (ESD) accounts for over 30% of chip failure occurred during chip manufacturing. Inadvertent touching by human body or contact with assembler tray can lead to such ESD failures. The most dominant ESD model is the charged-device model (CDM) wherein energy-destructive failure is incorporated resulting from rapid inflow, or ...

Optical properties of the quasi-two-dimensional dichalcogenides 2H-TaSe2 and 2H-NbSe2

  • Basov D.
  • Berger H.
  • Bucher E.
  • Degiorgi L.
  • Dordevic S.
  • Dynes R.
  • Forro L.
  • Gaal R.
  • Ruzicka B.
  • Vescoli V.

We present a comprehensive analysis of the optical constants of the two- dimensional dichalcogenide materials 2H- TaSe2 and 2H- NbSe2, in an attempt to address the physics of two- dimensional correlated systems. The title compounds were studied over several decades in frequency, from the far- infrared to the ultraviolet. Measurements ...

A taxonomy of dirty data

  • Choi B.
  • Hong E.
  • Kim S.
  • Kim W.
  • Lee D.

Today large corporations are constructing enterprise data warehouses from disparate data sources in order to run enterprise-wide data analysis applications, including decision support systems, multidimensional online analytical applications, data mining, and customer relationship management systems. A major problem that is only beginning to be recognized is that the data in ...

XTRACT: Learning Document Type Descriptors from XML document collections

  • Garofalakis M.
  • Gionis A.
  • Rastogi R.
  • Seshadri S.
  • Shim K.

XML is rapidly emerging as the new standard for data representation and exchange on the Web. Unlike HTML, tags in XML documents describe the semantics of the data and not how it is to be displayed. In addition, an XML document can be accompanied by a Document Type Descriptor (DTD) ...

root 3-subdivision schemes: Maximal sum rule orders

  • Jiang Q.
  • Oswald P.
  • Riemenschneider S.

Subdivision with finitely supported masks is an efficient method to create discrete multiscale, representations of smooth surfaces for CAGD applications. Recently a new subdivision scheme for triangular meshes, called root3-subdivision, has been studied. In comparison to dyadic subdivision, which is based on the dilation matrix 2I, root3-subdivision is based on ...

Statistical language modeling based on variable-length sequences

  • Haton J.
  • Smaili K.
  • Zitouni I.

In natural language and especially in spontaneous speech, people often group words in order to constitute phrases which become usual expressions. This is due to phonological (to make the pronunciation easier), or to semantic reasons (to remember more easily a phrase by assigning a meaning to a block of words). ...

Spectrum issues and new air interfaces

  • Kumar V.
  • Walke B.

This is a Summary version of the propositions and ideas contained in the Draft 2001 Book of Visions (BoV) from the Wireless World Research Forum (WWRF). The findings of Working Group 4 entitled `Spectrum, New Air Interfaces and Ad Hoc Networking' related to the two domains-Spectrum Issues and New Air ...