A Maximum Likelihood Method for Fitting the Wandering Vector Model

  • Carroll J.
  • Desoete G.

After introducing some extensions of a recently proposed probabilistic vector model for representing paired comparisons choice data, an iterative procedure for obtaining maximum likelihood estimates of the model parameters is developed. The possibility of testing various hypotheses by means of likelihood ratio tests is discussed. Finally, the algorithm is applied ...

Release Rate Calorimetry of PVC Compounds Containing Antimony Oxide and Iron Oxide

  • Kaufman S.
  • Nelson E.

Antimomy oxide and several iron oxide pigments were evaluated as flame retardants and smoke suppressants in a semirigid PVC compound. The Ohio State University Release Rate Calorimeter was used to measure heat and smoke over a wide range of applied incident fluxes. At low fluxes, antimony oxide reduced peak heat ...

A Single-Chip NMOS Preamplifier for Optical Fiber Receivers

  • Fraser D.
  • Jindal R.
  • Kushner R.
  • Owen B.
  • Williams G.

A SINGLE-CHIP PREAMPLIFIER, which used 1micron NMOS technology that has been designed for optical fiber PIN receivers, will be reported. The device, for many applications, coul replace hybrid IC (HIC) preamplifiers.

Domesticating the Computer Terminal: A Plan to Increase our Understanding of How Men Use Machines

  • Penniman W.

do-mes-ti-cate de-mes-ti-kat tr-v.-cated,-cating 1: to bring into domestic use: ADOPT 2: to fit for domestic life 3: to adapt (an animal or plant or computer terminal) to live in intimate association with and to the advantage of man 4: to bring to the level of ordinary people. As you can ...

Stochastic End-User Model for Forecasting Load Statistics

  • Gruber S.
  • Nassar M.

A stochastic end-user model of utility load is presented. The model is used to develop statistics of the daily load based upon readily available weather data. A detailed procedure is presented for the residential sector.


  • Liberman M.