Spectrum: A critical asset for 5G

  • Dominique F.

Review of 5G impacts on Radio Spectrum, What it will look like, impacts on Spectrum usage and 5G Spectrum Needs

Quad Band Cube Multiband-Transceiver

  • Haase C.

Poster for ALU Family Day 2014 in Nuremberg and Stuttgart

Identification of the PoC scenarios

  • Koppenborg J.

The proof-of-concepts (PoC) in FANTASTIC-5G target is to implement key technical components developed within the project. The demonstration aims at validating the feasibility and the superiority of the different components of the foreseen 5G air interface. For this activity, several platforms are being developed in FANTASTIC-5G. The planned demonstrations are ...

A National Space Weather Service.

  • Killeen T.
  • Lanzerotti L.
  • Lotko W.
  • Siscoe G.

There are strong economic and "quality of life" reasons for developing a full-service, state-of-the-science National Space Weather Service. At present the nation's space weather services, as their operators acknowledge, fall short of providing forecasts with the reliability, accuracy, and specificity that customers desire. The technological, scientific, and infrastructural resources exist, ...

16 Gb/s Fiber Transmission Experiment Using Optical Time-Division Multiplexing.

  • Alferness R.
  • Buhl L.
  • Eisenstein G.
  • Kasper B.
  • Korotky S.
  • Raybon G.
  • Tucker R.
  • Veselka J.

An experimental four-channel optical time-division multiplexed transmission system is described and the first demonstration of fiber transmission at a bit rate of 16 Gb/s is reported. In this experiment, data at 16 Gb/s has been transmitted over 8 km of fiber with a bit error rate below 10 sup (-9).

Active mode-locking characteristics of InGaAsP-single-mode fiber composite-cavity lasers.

  • Eisenstein G.
  • Hall K.
  • Jopson R.
  • Koren U.
  • Korotky S.
  • Stulz L.
  • Tucker R.
  • Veselka J.

Composite-cavity semiconductor lasers using integral single- mode fiber resonators are capable of producing short-duration mode-locked optical pulses at very high repetition rates. This paper summarizes recent experiments using a composite- cavity structure with an efficient single-mode fiber output port. The dependence of pulse width on the electrical drive waveform and ...

IFS programmer's manual (release 2).

  • Vo K.

The Interpretive Frame System (IFS) is a tool for creating application software with sophisticated interactive interfaces. IFS is based on the notion of a frame network. A frame network consists of many interconnected modules called frames, each of which represents a logical activity in the system. Frames are written in ...


  • Pleibel W.
  • Stolen R.
  • Wagner R.

Birefringent multimode fibres have been found to preserve polarisation except for one mode near cutoff. Experimental observations and theoretical considerations show that polarisation ratios better than 20 dB are possible, offering the potential for building polarisation-sensitive multimode fibre components.


  • Derosier R.
  • Tynes A.

A technique for producing low-loss splices in single-mode fibres has been developed and evaluated. The splices are made by sandwiching the fibre butt-joint ends between a glass V-groove block and a flat glass plate, both of which are made by fibre-drawing techniques. A new splice-loss measuring technique is described. The ...


  • Baldwin G.
  • Coldren L.

An analogue-digital convertor that employs an acoustic-surface-wave transducer code plate is described. An experimental a.d. encoder with 4 bits of resolution and a 3 MHz sampling rate has been implemented with an LiNbO3 surface-wave structure.


  • Kern H.
  • Mc Kenzie J.

Neutron damage centers in the depletion region between the gates and channel of a JFET fluctuate in charge and modulate the drain current. Thus, they create noise. The noise from 1012 14.8 MeV neutrons/cm2 is easily measured. Temperature dependence of leakage current indicates a neutron damage generation-recombination level effective at ...

6000 Megacycle/Sec Radio Relay System for Broad-band, long Haul Service in the Bell System.

  • Mcdavitt M.

DEVELOPMENT of microwave communication facilities for Bell System use was undertaken in 1945, taking advantage of prewar research at Bell Telephone Laboratories and of the impetus in technology achieved during the war years. In 1947, an experimental 4,000-mc/sec (megacycle per second) system of moderate bandwidth (TD-X)1 was established between New ...

Surface Conduction Channels in Germanium - An Interim Report.

  • Christensen H.

Surface conduction channels on both the n-type and the p-type region of a p-n junction of germanium have been produced and investigated. Channels on the n-type region were produced by an oxygen rich surface environment and those on the p-side were produced by high humidity. At an intermediate, 75 per ...

Attenuator Materials, Attenuators and Dimensions for Microwaves- (I).

  • Frosch C.
  • Rigterink M.
  • Teal G.

Microwave development has brought with it many related devices, one class of which is circuit elements having the property of attenuating or absorbing microwaves. Investigation of the microwave properties of a variety of solids led to the application of electrically in-homogeneous ceramic and plastic materials such as silicon carbide dispersed ...

Optimal Configuration of Services in Network Function Virtualization

  • Abhinanadan Sridhara Rao Prasad
  • Arjona Aroca J.
  • David Koll
  • Hilt V.
  • Omana Iglesias J.
  • Xiaoming Fu

Network Function Virtualization (NFV) helps to deploy the functionality of expensive and unflexible hardware appliances as scalable resources on commodity servers. However, optimal resource provisioning for non-trivial NFV services is still an open problem. While there have been efforts to answer the questions of when to provision additional resources in ...

Networking Things - Securing the IoT through SDN and virtualization

  • Boussard M.

The talk will present results from an internal Bell Labs project that aims at giving back to users control over their connected lives. By using virtualization and software-defined networking we scout the future of connected environments, in which dedicated, isolated network overlays, within and across administrative domains, are automatically set ...

Autoscaling Orchestration for Container-based Telecom Microservices

  • Ghami-Doudane Yacine
  • Luong D.
  • Outtagarts A.

Future mobile network would be much more flexible, dynamic and faster adaptable to match the evolve demand. Network Function Virtualization (NFV) is investigated to take the advantage of IT virtualization on telecom by separating virtualization function from underlying dedicated hardware. Container-based micro-service approach is currently discussed as the lightweight virtualization ...

Commuter-Adjusted Services Cloud

  • Brown J.
  • Gardell P.
  • Wilkin G.

What is a Commuter-Adjusted population? For the purposes of this description we will describe it as “Large amounts of people and things moving in a regular pattern, usually linked to work activities”1. This Commuter-Adjusted population, shifts by as much as 78% in large metropolitan areas including New York City, District ...

Enhancing Coexistence in the Unlicensed Band with Massive MIMO

  • Bonfante A.
  • Claussen H.
  • Galati Giordano L.
  • Garcia Rodriguez A.
  • Geraci G.
  • Lopez-Perez D.

We consider cellular base stations (BSs) equipped with a large number of antennas and operating in the unlicensed band. We denote such system as massive MIMO unlicensed (mMIMO-U). We design the key procedures required to guarantee coexistence between a cellular BS and the nearby Wi-Fi devices. These include: neighboring Wi-Fi ...

Assessment of RF Human Exposure to LTE Small and Macro-Cells: UL Case

  • Conil E.
  • Fetouri B.
  • Grangeat C.
  • Mazloum T.
  • Wiart J.

Small cells, novel low-powered base stations with local range, are nowadays investigated in order to improve the radio coverage and capacity in macro cell layer. The radio frequency exposure induced in such cells is unknown. Hence, we assess in this paper, through experimental measurements, the impact of an LTE small ...