High Density Solder Bump Interconnect for MEMS Hybrid Integration

  • Aksyuk V.
  • Basavanhally N.
  • Bower J.
  • Cirelli R.
  • Ferry E.
  • Klemens F.
  • Lai W.
  • Lopez O.
  • Low Y.
  • Mansfield W.
  • Pai C.
  • Papazian A.
  • Ramsey D.
  • Sorsch T.
  • Watson G.

Ultra high-density hybrid integration for MEMS mirror chips with several thousand I/Os has been developed. The integration scheme involving flip-chip assembly provides electrical signal to individual mirrors, which is compatible with post processing steps of selectively removing the silicon handle and releasing the MEMS mirrors. For the first time, to ...

Thermomechanically Driven Polymer Actuator for High Precision Optical Alignment

  • Jordan G.
  • Lyons A.

Precise thermomechanical positioning has been demonstrated in an actuator device based on a silicone elastomer with a high thermal expansion coefficient. The actuator performance has been characterized using optical microscopy, and the actuator has been deployed in an optical coupling experiment to demonstrate the precise positioning of a ball lens ...

Generalized Quantum Hall Projection Hamiltonians

  • Cooper N.
  • Rezayi E.
  • Simon S.

Certain well known quantum Hall states — including the Laughlin states, the Moore-Read Pfaf- fian, and the Read-Rezayi Parafermion states — can be defined as the unique lowest degree symmet- ric analytic function that vanishes as at least p powers as some number (g+1) of particles approach the same point. ...

The surface layer of cleaved bilayer manganites

  • Ch R.
  • G A.
  • Hm R.
  • Kimura T.
  • Loviat F.
  • Y T.

Recently, several informative reports have been published on spectroscopy experiments performed on cleaved surfaces of the bi-layered CMR manganite La2¡2xSr1+2xMn2O7 (LSMO) [1, 2, 3, 4]. For the detailed interpretation of these results, it is of importance to know exactly which layer within the crystal structure is exposed to the surface ...

An Online Scheme for the Isolation of BGP Misconfiguration Errors

  • Deshpande S.
  • Sikdar B.
  • Thottan M.

Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) being the primary interdomain routing protocol, is the singular means of path establishment across the Internet. Therefore, misconfiguration errors in BGP routers result in failure to establish paths which in turn can cause several networks to become unreachable. In this paper, we first analyze data from ...

An Analytic Approach to Random Phase Error and its Impact on the Performance and Design of Arrayed-Waveguide Gratings

  • Yang W.

Random phase error due to fabrication process causes the filter response of arrayed-waveguide grating (AWG) to degrade, especially in terms of crosstalk. In the side-lobe region, which is critical to the channel crosstalk performance, each instantiation of the random phase error can yield a significantly different filter transmission than that ...

Man-in-the-Middle Attacks on Auto-Updating Software

  • Bender A.
  • Luettmann B.

Many software applications now come with the ability to perform automatic selfupdates, by downloading executable updates from the Internet and running them. This presents a new security risk since there is no established, secure protocol to perform these updates and it is questionable whether the proprietary schemes used by software ...

Routing and Channel Allocation in Rural Wireless Mesh Networks

  • Dutta P.
  • Jaiswal S.
  • Rastogi R.

IEEE 802.11 Wi-Fi equipment based wireless mesh networks have recently been proposed as an inexpensive approach to connect far-flung rural areas. Such networks are built using high-gain directional antenna that can establish long-distance point- point links. In recent work~cite{Raman05}, a new MAC protocol named {em 2P} has been proposed that ...

Queuing Delays in Randomized Load Balanced Networks

  • Borst S.
  • Prasad R.
  • Thottan M.
  • Winzer P.

Valiants concept of Randomized Load Balancing (RLB) has previously been shown to provide a cost-effective way of implementing overlay networks that are robust to dynamically changing demand patterns. RLB is accomplished in two steps; in the first step, traffic is randomly distributed across the network, and in the second step ...

Business Aspects of Advertising and Discovery Concepts in Ambient Networks

  • Berg M.
  • Ho L.
  • Markendahl J.

This paper presents initial findings on how Ambient Networks technology will enable new ways to establish and manage access and service provisioning from a business perspective. The concepts of Network Composition and Multi-Radio Multi-Operator wireless access provide the framework for network advertising and discovery, which are essential first steps for ...

Single Section Multi-Spatial-Mode Mode-Locking Semiconductor Lasers

  • Yang W.

The analysis of single section multi-spatial-mode mode-locking semiconductor lasers is presented. Coupled mode equations are derived from a "Class A" time domain semiconductor laser equation. In the special case where two spatial modes are considered, the additive pulse mode locking (APM) master equation is recovered and the pulse characteristics can ...

Ferroelectricity in the cycloidal spiral magnetic phase of MnWO4

  • Arkenbout A.
  • Kimura T.
  • Palstra T.
  • Siegrist T.

We investigate the relationships among magnetic, dielectric, and ferroelectric properties of a frustrated spin system MnWO4, which undergoes several magnetic phase transitions including a commensurate-incommensurate and a collinear-noncollinear transition. Dielectric and pyroelectric measurements show that the transition into a spiral magnetic ordered phase produces a ferroelectric state. The direction of ...

Single Crystal Growth of Organic Semiconductors for Field Effect Applications

  • Kloc C.

Organic semiconductors attract considerable attention due to promising applications in organic light emitting diodes, field effect transistors, and organic solar cells. Moreover, solubility of some organic semiconductors in organic solvents favors them for printed large area OLED displays and inexpensive printed microelectronics. However, low mobility of carriers in organic semiconductors ...

Compositional Dynamic Test Generation

  • Godefroid P.

Dynamic test generation is a form of dynamic program analysis that attempts to compute test inputs to drive a program along a specific program path. Directed Automated Random Testing, or DART for short, blends dynamic test generation with model checking techniques with the goal of systematically executing all feasible program ...

Rate Regions for Relay Broadcast Channels

  • Kramer G.
  • Liang Y.

A partially cooperative relay broadcast channel (RBC) is a three-node network with one source node and two destination nodes (destinations 1 and 2) where destination 1 can act as a relay to assist destination 2. Inner and outer bounds on the capacity region of the discrete memoryless partially cooperative RBC ...

Combinatorial Algorithms for Compressed Sensing

  • Cormode G.
  • Muthukrishnan S.

In sparse approximation theory, the fundamental problem is to reconstruct a signal A in R^n from linear measurements <A,psi_i> with respect to a dictionary of psi_i's. Recently, there is focus on the novel direction of Compressed Sensing [Donoho:04] where the reconstruction can be done with very few---O(k log n)---linear measurements ...

Simulation and modeling of the restoration performance of path based restoration schemes in planar mesh networks

  • Bhardwaj M.
  • Korotky S.
  • Mccaughan L.
  • Olkhovets A.

In this paper we formulate an analytic framework for the restoration performance of path based restoration schemes in planar mesh networks. We analyze different switch architectures and signaling schemes and model their total restoration interval. We also evaluate the network global expectation value of the time to restore a demand ...

Oxygen-Related Doping Effects in Single Crystalline Rubrene Field-Effect-Transistors

  • Lang D.
  • So W.

We report the first measurements of oxygen-related doping effects in rubrene single crystals. We can successfully introduce oxygen-related bandgap states into crystalline rubrene by annealing in oxygen at 380K. The induced bandgap states are stable in vacuum at room temperature. We also find that vacuum annealing at 380K removes the ...

Optimization of InP-based waveguides for high-performance mid- infrared quantum cascade lasers

  • Chen J.
  • Gmachl C.
  • Liu Z.
  • Malis O.
  • Sergent A.
  • Sivco D.
  • Zhang L.

The maximum output power and operating temperature of mid-infrared quantum cascade lasers (QCLs) is determined to a large extent by the optical and thermal properties of the waveguides. To achieve room-temperature, continuous-wave operation of QCLs, we focused on improving the InP-based waveguides. Due to its low refractive index, InP is ...

Mechanism of Carrier Photogeneration and Carrier Transport in Molecular Crystal Tetracene

  • Chi X.
  • Moses D.
  • Ramirez A.
  • Soci C.

Models for the carrier photoexcitation mechanism in molecular crystals have been established initially on the bases of measurements on oligo-acenes and later applied to conjugated polymers as well. These models emphasize the localized nature of photoexcitations and describe carrier generation as a secondary process involving exciton dissociation. The results of ...