System 75: software development tools

  • Pedersen T.
  • Ritacco J.


  • Cannon T.
  • Genin J.

The three-dimensional equations of motion of a flexible towed cable are developed. A closed-form approximation for the equilibrium shape of a cable subjected to arbitrary aerodynamic loading is developed and used in the study of a heavy, vibrating tow cable. Natural frequencies of vibration and cable shapes are computed for ...

E2E Analytics Framework for 5G Architecture

Data Analytics can be seen as a powerful tool which can be used by 5G system, to enable the transformation of the envisioned challenging 5G features into a reality. In current 5G architecture, some first steps have been performed in this direction, by introducing new functions in core and management ...

Orchestrating and composing slices within 5G networks - Key to the programmable world

Presenation covers: Motivation for Network Slicing. Network slicing is not only 5G, what is possible toda, Key topics in Network Slicing - Management and orchestration - Composing slices from network functions - Slice selection - Architectural impact to core and RAN

Resource Allocation for Uplink Grant-Free Ultra-Reliable and Low Latency Communications

Ultra-Reliable and Low Latency Communications (URLLC) is an important emerging area for the fifth generation (5G) cellular network. The requirements for URLLC are as stringent as 1e10-5 reliability for a 32-byte packet with user plane latency of 1 ms. To achieve these requirements, grant-free transmission with repetitions of data packet ...