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Agnieszka D Konczykowska

Paris-Saclay, France

Selected Articles and Publications

Extreme speed Power-DAC: leveraging InP DHBT for ultimate capacity single-carrier optical transmissions

Large-Signal Modeling of Multi-finger InP DHBT Devices at Millimeter-Wave Frequencies

Low Conversion Loss 94 GHz and 188 GHz Doublers in InP DHBT Technology

100-Gbaud PAM-4 intensity-modulation direct-detection transceiver for datacenter interconnect

Single Carrier High Symbol Rate Transmitter for Data Rates up to 1.0 Tb/s

Multi-Dimension Coded PAM4 Signaling for 100Gb/s Transceivers in Data Center Interconnects

Low Complexity Flexible Rate Transceivers for Data Center Interconnects Using Coded Modulation

A 100-Gb/s, 1-tap Feed-forward based Analog Equalizer for Optical Communication Applications

107-Gbaud PAM-4 Intensity-Modulation Direct-Detection Transceiver for Datacenter Interconnect

Single Carrier 168-Gbit/s Line-Rate PAM direct detection transmission using high-speed Selector Power DAC for Optical Interconnects

Polarization-, carrier-, and format-selectable optical flow generation based on a multi-flow transmitter using passive polymers

Large Bandwidth Tunable Analog Equalizer Based on a Differential Cascode Amplifier Cell for 100-GBaud Communication Systems

112-Gb/s PAM-4 Optical Transmitter Module based on High Speed InP EAM

Direct Detection Transceiver at 150-Gbit/s Net Data Rate Using PAM 8 for Optical Interconnects

Single-Carrier All-ETDM 1.0-Terabit/s Line Rate PDM-64-QAM Transmitter using a High-Speed 3-bit Multiplexing Power DAC

59-dBOhm 68-GHz Variable Gain-Bandwidth Differential Linear TIA in 0.7-um InP DHBT for 400-Gb/s Optical Communication Systems

84-GBd (168-Gb/s) PAM-4 3.7-Vpp Power DAC in InP DHBT for short reach and long haul optical networks

160-Baud coherent receiver based on 100-GHz bandwidth, 240-Gs/s analog-to-digital conversion

Compact InP-based DFB-EAM enabling PAM-4 112 Gb/s transmission over 2 km

InP double heterojunction bipolar transistor for detection above 1 THz

Tunable transmitter for serial 100 Gb/s connectivity inside flexible data centers using hybrid polymer integration

Electrical and thermal characterization of single and multi-finger InP DHBTs

3D printed flat optics and InP heterojunction bipolar transistor based-detector for THz imaging

InP DHBT Mux-Drivers for very high symbol rate optical communications

High-speed InP Double Heterojunction Bipolar Transistor as Room Temperature Terahertz Detector

A large bandwidth differential cascode amplifier cell in InP DHBT for 100-Gb/s analog equalizer applications

Passive and electro-optic polymer photonics and InP electronics integration for multi-flow terabit transceivers at edge SDN switches and data-center gateways

High Speed Multi-Level Drivers for Spectrally Efficient Optical Transmission Systems (for external publication)

Single-carrier 400G interface and 10-channel WDM transmission over 4800 km using all-ETDM 107-Gbaud PDM-QPSK

Transmission of 50-GHz-spaced single-carrier channels at 516Gb/s over 600km

4.28-Tb/s (10 x 428-Gb/s) transmission over 2400 km using ETDM 107-Gbaud PDM QPSK

High Symbol Rate Coherent Optical Transmission Systems: 80 and 107 Gbaud


1-Tb/s Dual-Carrier 80-GBaud PDM-16QAM WDM Transmission at 5.2 b/s/Hz over 3200 km

All-Optical Tunable Wavelength Shifting of a 128-Gbit/s 64-QAM Signal

All-ETDM 107-Gbaud (214-Gb/s) Single-Polarization QPSK Transmitter and Coherent Receiver

228 GHz coherent receiver using optical bandwidth interleaving and reception of 214 GBd (856 Gb/s) Pol-Muxed QPSK

All-ETDM 80-Gbaud (640-Gb/s) PDM 16-QAM Generation and Coherent Detection

80Gb/s Multi-Level BPSK experiment with an InP-Monolithic Source Based on Prefixed Optical Phase Switching

Improved External Base Resistance Extraction for Submicrometer InP/InGaAs DHBT Models

Co-Packaged 107 Gb/s photoreceiver for direct detection comprising InP-based pinTWA and DEMUX

Serial 103.125-Gb/s Transmission over 1 km SSMF for Low-Cost, Short-Reach Optical Interconnects

Breaking the 100 Gb/s barrier [From the Guest Editor's Desk]

107 Gbit/s demultiplexing photoreceivers comprising pin- and pinTWA frontends

Hybrid co-packaged receiver module with pin-photodiode chip and DEMUX-IC for 107 Gb/s data rates

InP waveguide-integrated pin-photodiode hybrid packaged with an HBT-DEMUX-chip for receiver modules of 80–100 Gb/s data rates

A Novel Method for HBT Intrinsic Collector Resistance Extraction from S-Parameters

InP DHBT TIA-DMUX Integrated Circuit for 100-Gb/s Optical Communication Systems

Generation and transmission of 21.4-Gbaud PDM 64-QAM using a high-power DAC driving a single I/Q modulator

Large-Signal Modeling of High-Speed InP DHBTs using Electromagnetic Simulation Based De-embedding

8 x 320-Gb/s Transmission over 5600 km Using All-ETDM 80-Gbaud Polarization Multiplexed QPSK Transmitter and Coherent Receiver

Improved design and characterisation method for ECL very high speed circuits

Duo-Binary Transmission for Bandwidth-Limited Intensity-Modulated and Direct-Detection Optical Channels

A 5.75-Vpp 100-Gb/s InP-DHBT-based differential 2:1-selector-driver module for 100-GBd optical communication systems

Single Carrier 150-Gbit/s Net Data-Rate PAM 8 IM/DD transmission using high-speed selector power DAC



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12.    J. Starzyk, A. Konczykowska, “Flowgraph Analysis of Large Electronic Networks,” IEEE Trans. CAS, vol. 33, pp. 302-315, March 1986.





Books and Chapters

1.       A. Konczykowska, M. Bon, “Structural synthesis and optimization of analog circuits,” pp.211-233, and A. Konczykowska, W. Zuberek, “Symbolic methods in semiconductor parameter extraction”, pp. 291-311, Chapters in Symbolic Analysis Techniques and Applications to Analog Design, ed. A. Rodriguez-Vazquez, J. Huertas, F. Fernandez, IEEE Press, 1997