Picture of Akshat Agarwal

Akshat Agarwal

Dublin, Ireland
Postdoctoral Member of Technical Staff


Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering (Computational Fluid Dynamics), Imperial College London, 2015
B.Eng. Mechanical Engineering (Aeronautical Engineering Specialization), National University of Singapore, 2010


Akshat received a PhD from Imperial College London in 2015 for research in Computational Fluid Dynamics. Akshat graduated from the National University of Singapore in 2010 with a First Class Honours degree in Mechanical Engineering and a specialization in Aeronautical Engineering.

An interest in Formula 1 introduced Akshat to fluid dynamics and paved the way for further work in the field. As an undergraduate, Akshat performed experiments to understand the aerodynamics of flapping airfoils with the aim of applying the knowledge to the design of unmanned aerial vehicles. He used techniques such as Particle Image Velocimetry and Hydrogen Bubble Visualization for these experiments.

As a doctoral candidate, Akshat performed Direct Numerical Simulations on high performance parallel computing architectures to investigate the effect of viscoelasticity on transition to turbulence in channel flow. His research was published in the prestigious Journal of Fluid Mechanics and presented at the APS Division of Fluid Dynamics Meeting.

At Bell Labs, Akshat is a member of the Thermal Management Group in Dublin. He is currently working on the design of reliable cooling solutions in the form of air blowers as well as microfluidic devices using both experimental and computational techniques.

Selected Articles and Publications

A. Agarwal, L. Brandt, T. A. Zaki, 2015, Transition to turbulence in viscoelastic channel flow, Procedia IUTAM - ABCM Symposium on Laminar-Turbulent Transition, Volume 14, Pages 519-526.

A. Agarwal, L. Brandt L and T. A. Zaki, 2014, Linear and nonlinear evolution of a localized disturbance in polymeric channel flow, Journal of Fluid Mechanics, Volume 760, Pages 278-303.

A. Agarwal, L. Brandt, T. A. Zaki, 2013, Linear and nonlinear evolution of a localized disturbance in polymeric channel flow, Bulletin of the American Physical Society - 66th Annual Meeting of the APS Division of Fluid Dynamics, Volume 58, Number 18.