Picture of Bilgehan Erman

Bilgehan Erman

Murray Hill, NJ, USA
Research Engineer


MS degree in Computer Engineering, METU, Ankara Turkey, 1985
BS degree in Electrical Engineering, METU, Ankara Turkey, 1981 


Bilgehan is a member of the Smart Wireless Networks Organization within the Wireless Program at Bell Labs. He is currently involved in projects for mobile network performance modeling. Throughout his career with large telecommunication companies Bilgehan worked on wide spectrum of topics including policy management scenarios driven by subscriber data analytics, IP-network modeling, IP-video streaming, open network APIs, networked applications and software architecture. Bilgehan holds MS degree in Computer Engineering and BS degree in Electrical Engineering both from METU at Ankara Turkey.

Honors and Awards

Bell Laboratories President's Gold Award Winner.
Alcatel-Lucent Entrepreneurial Bootcamp finalist.
Member of Alcatel-Lucent Technical Academy.

Selected Articles and Publications

  • Erman, Bilgehan; Matthews, Elissa P;  Analysis and realization of IPTV service quality Bell Labs Technical Journal 12 4 195-212 2008 Wiley Online Library
  • Mongeau, David; Barshefsky, Al; Bass, E; Erman, B; Martin, C; Peterson, R; Rastogi, R; Narayan, PPS; Trickey, H; Xie, C;  Ensuring integrity of network inventory and configuration data Telecommunications Network Strategy and Planning Symposium. NETWORKS 2004, 11th International 267-272 2004 IEEE
  • de Lind van Wijngaarden, Adriaan J; Erman, Bilgehan; Matthews, Elissa P; Sharp, Ron; Sutter, Edward;  Multi‐stream video conferencing over a peer‐to‐peer network Bell Labs Technical Journal 15 2 229-243 2010 Wiley Online Library
  • Erman, Bilgehan; Inan, Ali; Nagarajan, Ramesh; Uzunalioglu, Huseyin;  Mobile applications discovery: A subscriber‐centric approach Bell Labs Technical Journal 15 4 135-148 2011 Wiley Online Library
  • Erman, Bilgehan; Zhao, Z John;  Quantifying QoS benefits in the aggregation network for internet video services Bell Labs Technical Journal 16 2 63-77 2011 Wiley Online Library
  • Bass, Elijah W; Erman, Bilgehan; Mongeau, David P; Wu, Mengqi; Xie, Chen;  Rapid software development for multi‐vendor services Bell Labs Technical Journal 9 4 155-169 2005 Wiley Online Library


  • Method and apparatus for classifying mobile network usage patterns
  • System to freely configure video conferencing camera placement
  • Method and apparatus for the efficient transmission of multimedia streams for teleconferencing
  • Method for transforming a tree structure into a more human-comprehensible document
  • Portable video conferencing system with universal focal point
  • Method and apparatus for recommending applications to mobile users
  • Method and apparatus for measuring subjective assessment of digital video impairment
  • Scripting engine having a sequencer table and a plurality of secondary tables for network communication software