Chu Wang

Murray Hill, NJ, USA
Member of Technical Staff


Ph.D. in Applied and Computational Mathematics, Princeton University, 2016
B.S. in Applied Mathematics, Peking University, 2012


Chu Wang is a Member of Technical Staff at Nokia Bell Labs, Murray Hill, NJ. His interests lie in the development and analysis of mathematical, statistical and computational tools for problems from social dynamics, networks, and data science. He conducts interdisciplinary research on opinion formation and knowledge propagation in social networks. He also designs overfitting-resistant machine learning algorithms with application to mining opinion information from large-scale datasets.

Research Interests

  • Computational & Algorithmic Sciences
  • Machine Learning
  • Mathematics of Networks
  • Statistical & Data Sciences

Selected Articles and Publications

  • Bernard Chazelle and Chu Wang, "Sustainable iterated learning", to appear.
  • Chu Wang and Bernard Chazelle, "Bayesian social learning in changing networks", to appear.
  • Chu Wang, Qianxiao Li, Weinan E, and Bernard Chazelle, "Noisy Hegselmann-Krause system: phase transition and 2R conjecture", Proc. 55th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, Las Vegas, 2016.
  • Bernard Chazelle and Chu Wang, "Inertial Hegselmann-Krause systems", Proc. American Control Conference, Boston 2016.
  • Yingfei Wang, Chu Wang and Warren Powell, "The Knowledge Gradient with Logistic belief models for binary classification", International Conference on Machine Learning, New York, 2016.
  • Chu Wang, Yingfei Wang, Weinan E and Robert Schapire, "Functional Frank-Wolfe Boosting for general loss functions", to appear.
  • Chu Wang, Jie Xu, Pingwen Zhang, and An-Chang Shi, "Complex interfaces of ordered phases in complex fluids",
  • Bernard Chazelle, Quansen Jiu, Qianxiao Li and Chu Wang, "Well-posedness of the limiting equation of a noisy consensus model in opinion dynamics", to appear.
  • Jie Xu, Chu Wang, An-Chang Shi and Pingwen Zhang, "Computing optimal interfacial structure of ordered phases", to appear in Communications in Computational Physics.
  • Xiaoyun Jiang, Bo Yu and Chu Wang, "Numerical algorithms to estimate relaxation parameters and Caputo fractional derivative for fractional thermal wave model in spherical composite medium", Applied Mathematics and Computation, 274, 106-118, 2015.
  • Kai Jiang, Chu Wang, Yunqing Huang and Pingwen Zhang, "Discovery of new metastable patterns in diblock copolymers", Communications in Computational Physics, 14, 443-460, 2013.
  • Xiuyuan Cheng, Weinan E, Pingwen Zhang, An-Chang Shi and Chu Wang, "Order-order nucleation in copolymers: a string method approach", APS March meeting, 2012.
  • Chu Wang, Kai Jiang, Pingwen Zhang and An-Chang Shi, "Origin of epitaxies between ordered phases of block copolymers", Soft Matter, vol. 7, no. 22, pp. 10552-10555, 2011.