Picture of Fabio Pianese

Fabio Pianese

Paris-Saclay, France
Member of Technical Staff


I obtained my Electronic Engineering B.S. (2003) and M.S. (2008) from Politecnico di Torino (Turin, Italy), and another M.S. in Networks and Distributed Systems in 2004 from University of Nice – Sophia Antipolis (France). At this same institution I was also awarded my Ph.D. degree for my work on peer-to-peer live media streaming systems under the guidance of Prof. E.W. Biersack.


In my almost 7-year-long tenure at Bell Labs I first joined the “Service Infrastructure” (Antwerp, Belgium) research domain, which then became a part of the “Enabling Computing Technologies” domain in early 2011. After a brief stint in the Wireless Program in late 2013, the “High Performance System Software” activity to which I now belong was transferred to the IP Platform program, and then to Wireless again. I then relocated to Villarceaux, France, where I am working with my team on research aspects of NFV systems design and deployment.

During my Ph.D work (between 2004 and 2007), I was funded by France Telecom R&D (now Orange Labs) and had my main office in the main Paris FTR&D laboratories.

Research Interests

  • Computational & Algorithmic Sciences
  • Distributed Systems & Controls
  • Machine Learning
  • Network Architecture & Design

Honors and Awards

Best paper award, 12th IFIP/IEEE conference on Wireless On-demand Network systems and Services (WONS 2016)

Professional Activities

Reviewer for several conferences and journals
I've been member of IEEE since 2006
EURECOM graduate (2004)

Selected Articles and Publications

  • Pianese, F; Danielsen, P J Optimized Data-driven MAC Schedulers for Low-Latency Downlink in LTE Networks, 12th IFIP/IEEE Wireless On-demand Network systems and Services Conference (WONS 2016), Cortina d'Ampezzo, Italy, January 2016
  • Pianese, F; Perino, D; Keller, J; Biersack, E W PULSE: an adaptive, incentive-based, unstructured P2P live streaming system, IEEE Transactions on Multimedia, Special Issue on Content Storage and Delivery in Peer-to-Peer Networks, Volume 9 N°6, November 2007
  • An, X; Pianese, F; Widjaja, I; Acer, U G DMME: A Distributed LTE Mobility Management Entity, Bell Labs Technical Journal, Special Issue on Communication and Computing in the Cloud, Volume 17 N°2, September 2012
  • Pianese, F; An, X; Kawsar, F; Ishizuka, H Discovering and Predicting User Routines by Differential Analysis of Social Network Traces 14th International Symposium on a World of Wireless, Mobile and Multimedia Networks (IEEE WoWMoM 2013), Madrid, Spain, June 2013
  • Pianese, F; Perino, D Resource and Locality Awareness in an Incentive-based P2P Live Streaming System 2nd Sigcomm Peer-to-Peer Streaming and IP-TV Workshop (P2P-TV), August 2007

Books and Chapters

  • Pianese, F A Survey of P2P Data-driven Live Streaming Systems in “Streaming Media Architectures, Techniques and Applications: Recent Advances”, ed. Ce Zhu, Yuenan Li and Xiamu Niu, IGI Global Publishing, ISBN: 978-1-61692-831-5, December 2010


  • Pianese, F; Evans, N Decentralized Electronic Transfer System, US Patent 9,258,307 (2015)
  • Mullender, S; Mckie, JB; Pianese, F; Evans N A method of managing computer memory, corresponding computer program product, and data storage device therefor EP Patent 2,416,251 (2012)
  • Janssens, N; Pianese, F; Bosch, P; Duminuco, A Method and apparatus for providing distributed mobility management in a network EP Patent 2,442,596 (2012)
  • Pianese, F; Bosch, P Method and apparatus for mitigating buffering delay at a network edge EP Patent 2,530,898 (2012)