Picture of Gert J. Eilenberger

Gert J. Eilenberger

Stuttgart, Germany


Dr.-Ing. in Communications Engineering
University of Stuttgart, Germany, 1985

Dipl.-Ing. in Communications Engineering
University of Stuttgart, Germany, 1980


Gert J. EILENBERGER was born in Leipzig (Germany). He studied communication engineering at the University of Stuttgart where he graduated as a Dipl.-Ing. in 1980. In 1985 he was awarded a Dr.-Ing. degree by the Institute for Telecommunications, University of Stuttgart. Dr. Eilenberger then joined the Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs Research Center, Stuttgart, working on broadband switching systems. Since 1985, he has been involved in various national and EC projects (BMBF Photonik I/II, KomNet, MultiTeraNet, EIBONE, CELTIC 100GET, RACE ATD, RACE EXPLOIT, RACE OSCAR, RACE ATMOS, ACTS MEPHISTO, ACTS PELICAN, IST DAVID, IST FP6 NOBEL & NOBEL2, IST FP7 STRONGEST). He contributed to the concepts for the first STM broadband switching systems and was engaged from the beginning with the definition of concepts for ATM switching systems. For more than 20 years he was working on concepts and architectures for future optical core and metro transport networks based on WDM and burst/packet techniques, optical and opto-electronic switching and routing systems, OAM and control/management concepts and on system experiments for verification of feasibility. Major emphasis was put on Total-Cost-of-Ownership efficient network architectures and solutions, in particular energy efficiency aspects leading to several contributions to the GreenTouch initiative. His current research interests cover efficient architectures and solutions for smart energy networks and their telecommunications infrastructure, currently managing a research project on distributed energy storage systems and their IT carrier cloud based management.

Research Interests

  • Network Architecture & Design
  • Sustainability

Selected Articles and Publications

Gert (co-) authored more than 55 papers.
See for example:
G.J. Eilenberger, S. Bunse, L. Dembeck, U. Gebhard, F. Ilchmann, W. Lautenschlaeger,
J. Milbrandt, "Energy-Efficient Transport for the Future Internet", Bell Labs Technical Journal, Vol. 15, No. 2, Sept 2010


Gert is (co-) inventor of 15 patents.