Picture of Jason Stafford

Jason Stafford

Dublin, Ireland
Member of Technical Staff


PhD in Engineering Science (2010)
BEng Mechanical Engineering (2007)


Dr. Jason Stafford is a Member of Technical Staff at Bell Labs, the research organisation of Alcatel-Lucent. At Bell Labs, his research and development activities cover thermal management and environmental challenges in current and next generation telecommunications equipment. His interests are across thermal sciences, fluid mechanics and design in nature. This includes research on a range of topics including multiscale air moving devices, buoyancy-driven flows, microfluidics, rarefied gas dynamics and reduced modelling of thermodynamic systems. He has investigated and published on these topics using both experimental and numerical approaches.

Research Interests

  • Thermal Design

Honors and Awards

European Young Scientist Award from the Eurotherm Committee

Stokes Institute Doctoral Graduate Receives European Award

Selected Articles and Publications

Selected journal publications:

1. O’Connor, J., Punch, J., Jeffers, N. and Stafford, J., (2015). A comparison between the hydrodynamic characteristics of 3D-printed polymer and etched silicon microchannels, Microfluidics and Nanofluidics, doi: 10.1007/s10404-015-1569-1.
2. Waddell, A., Punch, J., Stafford, J., and Jeffers, N., (2015). On the hydrodynamic characterization of a passive shape memory alloy valve, Appl. Therm Eng., 75: 731-737.
3. Stafford, J. and Egan, V., (2014). Configurations for single-scale cylinder pairs in natural convection, Int. J. Therm. Sci., 84: 62-74.
4. Stafford, J., Newport, D., and Grimes, R. (2014). A Compact Modeling Approach to Enhance Collaborative Design of Thermal-Fluid Systems, Journal of Electronic Packaging 136(1): 011004.
5. Stafford, J. and Fortune, F. (2014). Investigation of Multiple Miniature Axial Fan Cooling Solutions and Thermal Modeling Approaches, Journal of Electronic Packaging 136(1): 011008.
6. Geron, M., Butler, C., Stafford, J., and Newport, D. (2013). Development and validation of a compact thermal model for an aircraft compartment, Applied Thermal Engineering 61(2): 65-74.
7. Walsh, E., Grimes, R., Walsh, P., and Stafford, J. (2013). FINLESS heat sinks, higher performance and lower cost for low profile cooling applications, Journal of Thermal Science and Engineering Applications 5(3): 031001 (1-7).
8. Stafford, J., Walsh, E., and Egan, V. (2012). A statistical analysis for time-averaged turbulent and fluctuating flow fields using Particle Image Velocimetry, Flow Measurement and Instrumentation 26: 1-9.
9. Stafford, J., Grimes, R., and Newport, D. (2012). Development of Compact Thermal-Fluid Models at the Electronic Equipment Level, Journal of Thermal Science and Engineering Applications 4(3): 031007 (1-14).
10. Stafford, J., Walsh, E., and Egan, V. (2012). The Evolution of Surface Convection Patterns Downstream of an Axial Fan with Tangentially-Mounted Hub Supports, Journal of Heat Transfer 134(8): 080909.
11. Stafford, J., Walsh, E., and Egan V. (2012). The effect of global cross flows on the flow field and local heat transfer performance of miniature centrifugal fans, International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer 55(7-8): 1970-1985.
12. Stafford, J., Walsh, E., and Egan, V. (2011). A study on the flow field and heat transfer performance due to geometric scaling of centrifugal fans, International Journal of Heat and Fluid Flow 32: 1160-1172.
13. Stafford, J., Walsh, E., and Egan, V. (2010). Local heat transfer performance and exit flow characteristics of a miniature axial fan, International Journal of Heat and Fluid Flow 31(5): 552-560.
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15. Walsh, E., Stafford, J., and Egan, V. (2010). Influence of motor supports on cooling performance of small scale fans, Electronics Cooling 16(2): 14-17.
16. Stafford, J., Walsh, E., and Egan, V. (2010). Fluid structures generated from a low Reynolds number miniature radial fan, Journal of Visualization 13(4): 275-276.
17. Stafford, J., Walsh, E., Egan, V., Walsh, P., and Muzychka, Y. S. (2010). A novel approach to low profile heat sink design, Journal of Heat Transfer 132(9): 091401 (1-8).
18. Stafford, J., Walsh, E. and Egan, V. (2009). Characterizing convective heat transfer using infrared thermography and the heated-thin-foil technique, Measurement Science and Technology 20(10): 105401 (1-11).
19. Egan, V., Stafford, J., Walsh, P. and Walsh, E. (2009). An experimental study on the design of miniature heat sinks for forced convection air cooling, Journal of Heat Transfer 130(7): 071402 (1-9).

Recent conference publications:

1. Stafford, J. (2014). Optimisation of segmented two-phase flow networks for fluid and heat transport, 4th European Microfluidics Conf. (µFlu) 2014, Limerick, Ireland, December 10-12.
2. Stafford, J., Enright, R., and Kempers, R. (2013). Rarefied conditions in the convective-diffusive regimes of a disc in natural convection, 4th ASME MNHMT, Hong Kong, China, Dec 11-14.
3. Waddell, A., Punch, J., Stanley, W., Stafford, J., and Jeffers, N. (2013). Mechanical characterisation of a NiTi shape memory alloy for microfluidic valve applications, MRS Spring Meeting, San Francisco, CA, April 1-5.