Joachim Riemer

Stuttgart, Germany


Dipl.-Ing. (equivalent to MSc) in Electrical Engineering 1985 from the Technical University of Stuttgart


He entered the company (SEL AG during this time) in 1985 and was involved in (among others) the following german and european research projects:

BISDN (BERKOM, BASKOM, ATM Local Exchange 1985..1995)

Baden Württemberg VoD Field Trial, ATHOC (1996..1999)

MUSE (2004..2008),


with some interesting direct cooperations with BDs in-between:

Development of RT-OSes (OSNstub & Chorus Emulator for A1000 on Transputers),

automated protocol testing (DynamITE, a SW-only reimplementation of A8610, OS & Network part of the Forth kernel),

UMTS 3G (updating Docomo NBAP for the Alcatel/Fujitsu Evolium Joint venture)

Media Gateways (bringing Pkt2Pkt Interface to the A7510)
Development of SIP Testphone (for NGVI)

Cloud Computing (bringing MyTeamwork to the cloud)


Since 2008 mainly focusing on Session Border Controllers, Virtualisation Technologies and Cloud Computing, currently in the BL IP Platforms Program on elastic IMS.