Picture of Patrice Tran

Patrice Tran

Paris-Saclay, France
Research Engineer


University of Pedagogy: Mathematics, Physics Chemistry (VN 1973)
Association Nationale Pour la Formation Professionnelle des Aldultes: Optics, Optoelectronics (Holography, Laser, Optical fiber ...), Electricity, Electronics, Inorganic and organic Chemistry , Analytical Chemistry , IT, Programmable Instrumentation. (Fr 1989)



PATRICE TRAN is a member of technical staff in the Optical Networks research domain at Bell labs in Villarceaux, France (Now: IP Transport). He received the degree of high level technician in physics and chemistry from the “Association Nationale Pour la Formation Professionnelle des Aldultes” (AFPA), Paris. In 1990 he joined Alcatel the following year and worked for several years on high voltage cables before moving to the company’s Research & Innovation division in the Photonics Networking Unit at Marcoussis, France. He is currently working on automation and realization of optical test beds in the WDM Transmission Systems Group and he contributed to the record 25 Tb/s transmission realized in 2007 at Holmdel, NJ (Bell Labs Teamwork Award August 2007).

 Hi is the co-author of more than 100 papers (and 3 patents) in major conferences, such as the Optical Fiber Conference (OFC), European Conference and Exhibition on Optical Communication (ECOC)…








Honors and Awards

 * Bell Labs Teamwork Award 08/2007 (25-Tb/s Transmission Team - Holmdel NJ 03/2007)
 * Night Out Award 2013

Selected Articles and Publications


Wavelength grid for DWDM (2007)
Multiple order raman amplifier (2009)
Monitoring a system using optical reflectometry (2011)