2016 Bell Labs Fellows Announced

December 07, 2016

On 21 November, seven outstanding members of our technical community were selected for Nokia’s highest individual R&D award, joining an august group of past 279 Fellows who have been similarly recognized since the award was introduced in 1982. 

Bell Labs Fellows are chosen by a rigorous selection process. Fellows candidates are sponsored by a Nokia Executive following a history of both technical excellence and sustained critical contributions they have made to the company and the industry as a whole. Each nomination is supported by extensive internal and external endorsements and reviewed by a CTO selection committee who make recommendations to the Bell Labs President.

“The Bell Labs Fellow award recognizes sustained technical excellence over a prolonged period that leads to industry redefinition and unique innovations that differentiate our portfolio. The 7 Bell Labs Fellows of 2016 are richly deserving based on these criteria and should motivate us all to strive for excellence in everything we do,” said Marcus Weldon, President of Bell Labs and Corporate CTO.

Bell Labs Fellows are presented with a Fellows plaque at a dinner ceremony. An etching of each Fellow is displayed on the ‘Fellows Wall’ in the main lobby of Nokia Bell Labs in Murray Hill, NJ as well as at the home location of each Fellow. 

We salute the 2016 class of Bell Labs Fellows:

Yves Baens

Yves Baeyens, Bell Labs (NJ, USA)
For seminal contributions to the technology and design of broadband and millimeter-wave circuits for optical and wireless communications.

Doru Calin

Doru Calin, Mobile Networks (NJ, USA)
For bridging the gap between theory and practice with key innovations at the foundation of the first metro cell products, commercial wireless capacity planning services and network protocols optimization solutions.


Aref Chowdhury

Aref Chowdhury, IP and Optics (NJ, USA)
For fundamental contributions to new nonlinear optical devices, optical phase conjugation, negative refractive index metamaterials, and high efficiency white LED lighting. 


Miska M. Hannuksela

Miska M. Hannuksela, TECH (Tampere, Finland)
For outstanding sustained contributions as an internationally recognized expert in video technologies with significant impact on Nokia businesses and standardization.


Murali Kodialam

Murali Kodialam, Bell Labs (NJ, USA)
For sustained contributions to algorithms for network optimization, network traffic engineering and resource allocation.



Jochen Maes

Jochen Maes, Bell Labs (Antwerp, Belgium)
For multiple ground breaking innovations with industry impact in vectored and gigabit/s capable copper access systems.



Kari Pekka Pajuoski

Kari Pekka Pajukoski, Bell Labs (Oulu, Finland)
For outstanding contributions to fourth generation Long Term Evolution and fifth generation centimeter wave cellular wireless communication systems.