Nokia Bell Labs Wows at MWC2017

March 02, 2017

Nokia stole the show at MWC 2017 with amazing demonstrations that hint at the next technologies, the most complete end-to-end portfolio in the industry, and a clear vision. RajeevSuri emphasized this vision in his keynote address on the Next Industrial Revolution, which you can see in the video. Don't miss the entertaining Bell Labs demo and the robotic selfie!

RejeevSuri  Keynote address

Bell Labs Future X Experience within the Nokia booth at MWC

Bell Labs researchers rolled out a truly unique experience at Mobile World Congress, creating an immersive “Future X Experience” illustrating the potential of the future -  a massively distributed, cognitive, continuously adaptive, learning and optimizing network connecting all humans, all senses, all things, all systems, all infrastructure, all processes, creating a virtual 6th sense to save time. The Bell Labs Future X Experience included 4 areas to convey our vision.

  • The future of networked interactions - Unifying all interactions with people, machines, systems, processes, content with human tracking, visual and haptic feedback, and group sharing.
  • The future of networked networks - Complete network automation: deploying, configuring, optimizing, scaling, and slicing, with ultra-low latency and security
  • The future of networked intelligence - Sensing the augmenting of all realities turning data, content, media, sensors into new knowledge
  • The future of autonomous systems – Driving a race car.  An exploration of latency and bandwidth enabling hypermobile machines, and having fun driving and watching live streaming 360 video from an Ozo camera.

Marcus Weldon: 4 Years From Now (4YFN)

Marcus Weldon spoke about the creation of time in a standing-room-only crowd at 4YFN, which is a startup business platform of  Mobile World Capital Barcelona to enable startups, investors and corporations to connect.

"The future of all things should decrease distance and increase knowledge to save time"

Tod Sizer: Crosshaul (Xhaul) – The fusion of Fronthaul and Backhaul in 5G

Paola Galli: Graphene Photonic Devices in Telecom and Datacom Applications

Paola spoke about graphene, which has the potential as a new material to transform photonic devices and help to deliver a much better 5G network.

People of Nokia and Bell Labs who were part of the MWC17 Experience

For more information about the Nokia Presence at MWC17 follow this link