GreenTouch™ is a consortium of leading ICT industry, academic and non-governmental stakeholders dedicated to transforming communications to significantly reduce the carbon footprint of our devices, platforms and networks.

In 2009, concerned about the carbon footprint associated with Information Technology and Communications activity, Bell Labs researchers identified theoretical minimal energy consumption requirements associated with networking activity. They then assumed the leading role in creating the GreenTouch© Consortium – a group of researchers from around the globe committed to dramatically reducing that footprint.

GreenTouch™ has more than fifty members covering all telecommunication stakeholders worldwide; Bell Labs’ Thierry Van Landegem is currently the chairman of the board for the consortium.

A Network for Collaboration

GreenTouch is open to all sectors of the ICT industry and academia. It draws on the expertise of its members, including service providers, software and infrastructure vendors, academic and research institutions. These representatives from industry and academia collaborate in applying established science to pioneer the new technologies on which energy-efficient networks of the future will depend.

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